South & Central American Collection


This collection contains:

1 x 250g Columbia Choc & Nut

1 x 250g Peru Bakewell Tart 

1 x 250g Brazil Cherry & Caramel 

1 x 250g Honduras Millionaires Shortbread

Comes in gift packaging and the label on the front of each bag explains the coffee, where it comes from in the region , taste notes and brewing methods.

Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself to a selection of our best coffees with a 15% saving over buying them individually. Take out a subscription and save another 15% on top of that!

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Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Peru

Roast: Various



Four mega speciality coffees from South & Central America, all scoring 84 & above.

Columbia Choc & Nut

High-scoring Colombian single-origin from La Laguna Siberia Reserva, grown by a small association of 12 families in the Cauca region. Medium/Dark roast, bold, chocolatey & nutty, great for all brew methods. More Info

Peru Bakewell Tart

Delicious single-origin coffee from the all-female Cafe Femenino co-operative. For all brew methods, but for ultra indulgence, enjoy as a milky while munching a Bakewell Tart! More Info

Brazil Cherry & Caramel

Delightful natural processed Brazilian coffee from a family-run farm in Monte Santo de Minas. Vibrant Morello cherry and sweet caramel, in a word, flawless! More Info

Honduras Millionaires Shortbread

Lovely mellow buttery sweet Honduran, makes for a very enjoyable sweet espresso (when dialed in, obviously) and great via most brew methods. More Info

How It Tastes

Columbia choc and nut - Chocolaty and nutty, hence the name - with a slight hint of nectarine, light citrus acidity, medium to full body & a lovely lingering caramel finish.

Bolivia Bakewell Tart - Literally, Bakewell Tart. Lingering notes of sweet frangipane, and berry acidity.

Brazil Cherry & Caramel - Tangy morello cherry & smooth sweet caramel with a maple syrup. finish

Honduras Millionaires Shortbread - buttery shortbread, with strong caramel notes, also notes of syrup & chocolate.


A very small association of family producers who joined forces and joined the Cencoic Co-Operative (Central Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca), a co-op of indigenous smallholder family reserves in the Cauca region.

In 2009, a group of female farmers created a woman's association and joined the Café Femenino program. There are currently 42 female producers who farm 88 hectares within the Caranavi region.

A family-owned producer who started from scratch after the catastrophic frosts of 1975 and from there grew to being one of the major producers in the area, covering almost 1600 hectares.

A co-operative of around three hundred smallholder producers within the Ocotepeque department in a breathtaking mountainous region of Western Honduras.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Tim T.
Not so good

I think its a matter of the beans quality

Hi Tim :-)
Sorry to hear you're not happy with the coffee. I did contact you directly to see if I could help you to get better results, but I've not heard from you, so please look for my email if you'd like some help.
I can assure you there's no problem with the quality of the beans, they're all SCA 84 and above, it'll just be a bit of work required with dialing in. Thanks.

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