South & Central American Collection


This collection contains:

1 x 250g Columbia Choc & Nut

1 x 250g Peru Bakewell Tart 

1 x 250g Brazil Cherry & Caramel 

1 x 250g Honduras Millionaires Shortbread

Sent in a plain craft box ready to be gift-wrapped if you wish and the label on the front of each bag explains the coffee, where it comes from in the region , taste notes and brewing methods.

Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself to a selection of our best coffees with a 15% saving over buying them individually. Take out a subscription and save another 15% on top of that!

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Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Peru

Roast: Various



Four mega speciality coffees from South & Central America, all scoring 84 & above.

Columbia Choc & Nut

High-scoring Colombian single-origin from La Laguna Siberia Reserva, grown by a small association of 12 families in the Cauca region. Medium/Dark roast, bold, chocolatey & nutty, great for all brew methods. More Info

Peru Bakewell Tart

Delicious single-origin coffee from the all-female Cafe Femenino co-operative. For all brew methods, but for ultra indulgence, enjoy as a milky while munching a Bakewell Tart! More Info

Brazil Cherry & Caramel

Delightful natural processed Brazilian coffee from a family-run farm in Monte Santo de Minas. Vibrant Morello cherry and sweet caramel, in a word, flawless! More Info

Honduras Millionaires Shortbread

Lovely mellow buttery sweet Honduran, makes for a very enjoyable sweet espresso (when dialed in, obviously) and great via most brew methods. More Info

How It Tastes

Columbia choc and nut - Chocolaty and nutty, hence the name - with a slight hint of nectarine, light citrus acidity, medium to full body & a lovely lingering caramel finish.

Bolivia Bakewell Tart - Literally, Bakewell Tart. Lingering notes of sweet frangipane, and berry acidity.

Brazil Cherry & Caramel - Tangy morello cherry & smooth sweet caramel with a maple syrup. finish

Honduras Millionaires Shortbread - buttery shortbread, with strong caramel notes, also notes of syrup & chocolate.


A very small association of family producers who joined forces and joined the Cencoic Co-Operative (Central Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca), a co-op of indigenous smallholder family reserves in the Cauca region.

In 2009, a group of female farmers created a woman's association and joined the Café Femenino program. There are currently 42 female producers who farm 88 hectares within the Caranavi region.

A family-owned producer who started from scratch after the catastrophic frosts of 1975 and from there grew to being one of the major producers in the area, covering almost 1600 hectares.

A co-operative of around three hundred smallholder producers within the Ocotepeque department in a breathtaking mountainous region of Western Honduras.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Martin F.
Great selection of Interesting Flavours

All of them different, none of them horrid. A great selection to try out and enjoy. Most sure about the description names, Millionaires Shortbread wasn't what I tasted, it was an interesting coffee with a sweet caramel and chocolate taste. Ok, that sounds like a millionaires shortbread..😀

Good for milkies

A good selection for me; easy to dial in, and all seem for make nice milk based drinks. Didn’t need to adjust the grind much between the four blends.

Great coffee

Use these guys for my coffee. Simply no where else, fast delivery easy ordering. Most importantly GREAT coffee

Not for us

We tried these and to be honest couldn't taste much of the description flavours at all.

Tried them as espresso, long and cappucino, which are our machine coffee types and also as cafetiere black, which we use for longer drinks and are far more familiar with as a brew method.
They weren't horrible, but equally they weren't "must get some more".

Who knows, may be our pallettes just aren't refined enough. We sometimes struggle with wines to match tasting notes, though usually we can get fruits and chocolate if not the specific varieties teh taster is describing!

Tim T.
Not so good

I think its a matter of the beans quality

Hi Tim :-)
Sorry to hear you're not happy with the coffee. I did contact you directly to see if I could help you to get better results, but I've not heard from you, so please look for my email if you'd like some help.
I can assure you there's no problem with the quality of the beans, they're all SCA 84 and above, it'll just be a bit of work required with dialing in. Thanks.

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