By popular demand, we're now offering gift cards! 

These are E-gift cards, meaning that there's no physical card to post.

Coffee Gift Card

How Our Coffee Gift Cards Work

When you order a gift card, if you're ordering it as a gift for someone else, you simply enter their email address, and your message, and the date you would like them to receive it.

The recipient will then receive an email with their gift card, and your message, on the date selected. 

They will see what the balance is by clicking the link on their email, and they will get a gift card code, which they simply copy and paste into the discount code box when ordering coffee from us.

Perfect Last Minute Gifts!

If you've left it a little late to buy your coffee fanatic loved one a gift, a cworks gift card is a great idea! You can select for them to receive the gift email immediately, or tomorrow for example, so no worries about the postie getting it to them in time :-).

Gift Yourself?

While we have a 10% discount on £50 and £100 discount codes, you may wonder if it's possible to gift yourself ;-), in order to save an extra 10% - and you can! Just don't tick the box that says you're ordering as a gift.

Gift Cards For Coffee Only

Please note, the gift card balance can only be used for coffee. You'll notice that we have information about equipment and accessories too, but these are not fulfilled by ourselves, they're suggestions for products from other retailers.

We Won't Keep The Change!

There are some gift cards that don't allow you to retain any of the remaining balance, so unless you spend the exact amount, the company keeps your change.

That doesn't sound right to us! Every single penny of the gift card balance is available to be used against future orders.

What's more, if the recipient has a small balance remaining on their card that is too little to be used to pay for an order in its entirety, they are not forced to place an order in order to use the remaining balance. 

They can simply get in touch with us, and we'll send them their remaining balance.

Gift Card Expiry Date?

We think it's a real cheek adding an expiry date to a gift card, so the full balance and any remaining balance will never expire! 

Gift Card & Discount Codes?

Because this is your own balance, and not a discount code, the recipient can use any currently available discount code in addition to their gift card balance, including any available "new customer" discount code. 


A gift card can be used to take out a subscription, however due to current limitations with the shopping platform, the gift card can only be used to pay for the initial order. Any remaining balance can be used for any one time purchases.