About The Coffee Works

This bloke called Kev Lewis has always been mad about coffee, well, for as long as he can remember anyway, probably since birth, if not earlier. 

Back in 2015, Kev started coffeeblog.co.uk, mainly as an excuse to drink more speciality coffee, but also because he was at the beginning of his home barista journey, and was inspired to start blogging about it. 

This inspiration came in the form of a birthday present given to him by his wife & kids, a new cafetiere, he started to write a review about it, but suddenly came to the conclusion that he should start a blog about coffee, and use this review as his first blog post. 

About 5 years down the line, the blog is going strong, with tens of thousands of monthly readers and a growing mailing list (hint, if you join that mailing list, you might just get a special discount code...) & the relatively new YouTube channel is growing quickly. But, not satisfied, Kev has now developed a brand of high quality, ethically and sustainably sourced & roasted coffee beans.  

Kev will stop talking in the third person now, because he's starting to feel really daft ;-).

I wanted to get more involved in coffee, I wanted to make it my business, as well as my hobby. I very much doubt that talking about coffee will ever feel like "work", so creating a business supplying coffee lovers with coffee, appeared to be the perfect way forward. 

I didn't just want to create "another"  coffee brand, though, I wanted to find out what my readers were looking for, and give them exactly that. 

So I created a poll (quickly followed by a couple more as I forgot a few important questions) called "Your Perfect Coffee", in which I asked a number of questions about readers preferences.

One of the questions asked was about flavour profiles, and I used this to pick the coffees that you'll now find here at The Coffeeworks. 

Other answers are responsible for the fact that coffee is being offered only in 250g or 1kg bags (as such a low percentage answered that they buy 500g bags), and the free delivery if buying more than one bag of coffee, as so many people answered that they would prefer to buy more than one bag of coffee than to pay for delivery. 

My readers even decided on the bags used. I'd established from the first poll that readers were environmentally conscientious, but I wasn't sure which way to go with the coffee pouches.

From the research I'd done, I was of the opinion that, at present, curbside recyclable plastic was probably the best solution. There's a growing number of alternative solutions, but some of them just don't quite work for coffee, and some of them only work in certain parts of the country (those which have a compost collection) and could actually end up being a negative for the environment on the whole. 

There was an overwhelming preference for curbside recyclable plastic pouches in the poll, so thankfully my readers are mainly of the same opinion as me, and these bags were chosen as a result. 

The poll also made it very clear that a big percentage of UK speciality coffee drinkers are interested in things like sustainability & traceability, as well as caring about the planet. This was great to discover, as it strengthened my belief that the Eco roasters I'd chosen to work with, were the perfect guys to roast the coffee. 

I was spoiled for choice when it came to roasters. We're very lucky in this country due to the number of great, small batch coffee roasters, and there are many of them that I could have worked with. What's really special about the roastery I decided to go forward with, is their focus on Eco friendliness as well as their passion and commitment to helping the people who grow and pick the coffee. 

Not only do these guys plant hundreds of fruit trees each month in developing coffee-growing countries, they also put a huge amount of time and money into converting their roasters to run off used coffee grounds! For more, see Eco Roasted Coffee

So, basically - I asked you (coffee lovers) what you were looking for in your perfect coffee, and I've done my very best to give that to you. I hope you like it :-).

I've kept the range small, I've kept everything as simple (like me) as possible, and I really, really hope that you enjoy using the website - and more importantly, that you love the coffee, and the service.

If you do, please tell your friends! I'd really appreciate your support. 

If you don't - if there's anything you don't like, whether it's to do with the taste of the coffee you purchased, or anything to do with the buying experience or service, please drop me an email (kev at coffeeblog.co.uk) constructive criticism is very much welcomed.

Thanks :-)