The Coffeeworks (cworks for short) is a small independent supplier of high quality freshly roasted coffee beans, founded by the coffee obsessed Coffee Kev, who you may know from his YouTube channel or from

Cworks has come a long way over the past few years, from the very humble beginnings with just four coffees, to a range of over 16 high quality freshly roasted coffees, and growing!

We now also a very flexible weekly/fortnightly/monthly coffee subscription (which allows you to continually change products and to pause/skip/cancel at any time) and we have a growing range of recommended machines and accessories.

Re the non-coffee products, we're doing these as "recommendations" which means that these are machines and accessories that we use, know and understand in terms of their pros and cons, and that we recommend with lots of guidance designed to help you find the right products for you. 

Recommending vs stocking, means we can offer value in terms of properly explaining each product and who is or isn't going to get on well with it, and we can earn via a commission from the retailer or brand, instead of having to keep physical stock.

Our coffee beans are VERY freshly roasted, most of the time the roast date will be the same as the despatch date, meaning that the beans were roasted and then dispatched on the same day! 

It's fairly rare these days that there's any more of a batch left the next day or beyond, but in some cases you might find that the roast date is one or two days prior to despatch, it's rarely more than that. 

We highly recommend buying whole bean and grinding your own, but for those who prefer to buy pre-ground, the coffee is ground as it's being bagged up, so you can't get fresher ground coffee without grinding your own.

If you spend over a tenner (by ordering more than one 250g bag, or ordering a Kilo or more of any coffee) you'll get free delivery, and once you find a coffee or coffees you love, if you slap them on a subscribe and save subscription, you'll save 15% over placing one off orders. 

You can edit or delete subscriptions from your account whenever you wish, just by clicking "my subscription".