Roast Dates

While the majority of bags of coffee we sell will have a roast date of 1-2 weeks from the day of dispatch, we currently dispatch coffee up to 4 weeks from the roast date.

While coffee beans can change slightly in taste within the first few days after roasting, while still "gassing off" (releasing CO2), there's virtually no detectable deterioration in taste over a period of up to around 4 weeks, when kept in air tight storage.

If you think there is, we'd challenge you to do some blind taste testing and see what you think, unless you're at Q-grader level in terms of your palate, you'll probably change your mind.

The coffee you receive should always have a roast date of a maximum of four weeks from the day of dispatch, although it will often be more recent than this as all coffees are roasted in small batches.

If you get a bag with a roast date older than 4 weeks from the day of dispatch, please inform us straight away, as this will not have been intentional.