We have recently completely re-vamped the pre-grind options, so please note that if you used to order fine, this is now known as "espresso", and if you previously ordered medium, this is now labelled as "filter".

If you select pre-ground, we will grind for you as we're bagging up your order, and the following explains our grind size options.

The numbers relate to the grind fineness, with 1 being for espresso with pressurized baskets, 

1. Espresso. This is our finest grind, and it's intended for pressurized espresso baskets, and pressurized portafilters.

Pressurized baskets and portafilters are those that come with many entry level domestic espresso machines, the DeLonghi Dedica machines for example, Swan Retro, and other similarly priced espresso machines. 

You can usually tell if they're pressurized, by turning them over and looking for a single hole on the bottom, if it just has one hole on the bottom then it's pressurized. Some pressurized machines have the pressurized bit on the portafilter itself though. As a rough rule of thumb, if it's under £200, it's probably pressurized. 

If you want to use standard baskets, unfortunately pre-ground isn't going to work, as every espresso machine will require a slightly different grind size with each coffee beans, so offering pre-ground for standard espresso baskets just isn't practical.

2. Stovetop. This is the grind size that will work best for stovetops, also known as Bialetti or Moka pots.

3. Aeropress. This is the grind that is preferred for inverted Aeropress for pourover style coffee with the Aeropress. If you're brewing via the standard method, as per the instructions, you may want to go for the slightly finer stovetop grind.

4. V60. If you're brewing with a Hario V60 using paper filters, or other similar pourover filter devices, this is the grind size to choose. 

5. Filter. This is the pre-ground option to choose if you're brewing with a filter coffee machine.

6. Chemex. Choose this grind size if you're brewing with a Chemex, or brewwing bigger batches with a filter coffee machine, for example if you're brewing a full pot with the Sage Precision Brewer using the large flat bottom filter papers.

7. Cafetiere. This is a more traditional, coarse grind for cafetiere. If you're using a slightly more modern method using a slightly finer grind, try the Chemex grind size.

Please note that although we do offer pre-ground simply because many people don't own a coffee grinder, owning either an electric coffee grinder, or a manual coffee grinder, gives you the ability to tweak the grind size, and it'll also mean your coffee will last longer, as the staling process is much faster once coffee has been ground.

If you're using an espresso machine, by the way, then unless you're using pressurised baskets, called "dual walled" baskets by Sage Appliances, or "perfect crema baskets" by Gaggia, pre-ground coffee won't work. 

Pre-ground will work for pressurized baskets, but for standard or traditional espresso baskets, you need to dial in with each coffee bean to that specific basket and espresso machine. 

You don't have to spend a fortune on a grinder.

If you're brewing for manual brew methods, or espresso with pressurised baskets, something along the lines of the Melitta Calibra, Gaggia MD15 or Baratza Encore will be fine.

If you're using an espresso machine with traditional baskets, then you'll need an "espresso capable" grinder, which does increase the price.

I'd recommend the Sage Dose Control Pro or Sage Smart Grinder Pro, as the lowest cost options for espresso for standard baskets.