Bundle Deal Chocolate Brownie Blend + Chocolate Fondant Blend


This is a money saving bundle deal on two of our best selling blends.

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Two lovely crowd pleasing coffees, one slightly more mellow, one with the volume knob cranked all the way to 11.

Make a saving on some amazing coffee beans, when you buy two of the best-selling blends together.

This bundle contains 1 x bag of Chocolate Brownie Blend and 1 x bag of Chocolate Fondant Blend. Choose your bag size of either 250g or 1kg.

Buying the bundle offers a saving of 12% compared to buying them separately and if you use code COFFEEBOTHERERS in the checkout you'll get an EXTRA 10% off that making this tremendous value for money.

Double The Chocolate!

This is a money saving bundle deal on two of our best selling blends. Similar in flavour notes, but one more mellow and one with the volume cranked up to 11.

Enjoy our two best selling coffee beans, and save money, what more can you ask?
If you like coffee with a chocolatey taste, sometimes a mellow easy drinking cup, and sometimes you need something with an amplified intensity where bold chocolatyness (wait, is that a word? It is now...) is concerned, this is for you!

Multiple Origins Including Brazil Ethiopia & India

Both of these coffees are a blend of the same coffee beans, Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabica (the Ethiopian coffee being Mocha Djimmah) & Indian cherry Robusta.

It's the way they've been blended that gives them a different flavour profile. Chocolate brownie blend is blended in a way that delivers the lovely chocolate notes in a calmer, more subtle manner.

Chocolate fondant is blended to give an aplified flavour, and to give the chocolate notes a slightly toasty edge, which for me is just like the taste of an oozing chocolate fondant, hence the name.

They're both great for espresso, including all of the Sage machines and bean to cup coffee machines, they're also fine for stove top, cafetiere, Aeropress (better with the standard non-inverted method), and for filter coffee machines.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Peter D.
Coffee Beans

Tried this supplier for the first time , it won't be the last , coffee is as described , service and website were on the money , try bundle deals as that makes the excellent coffee also excellent value


I thought I would try the coffeeworks coffee and we are enjoying it. Only tried the chocolate brownie so far which is ok but would like more depth to my coffee.

Couldn’t dial in

Hard to review this coffee (hence the 3 star review) as I couldn’t dial it in to get a drink I really enjoyed so not sure if it was the beans or my brewing method . I was using a Moka Pot (which i have used for years) and tried lots of different grind sizes however couldn’t get a taste I really liked. It could be I’m not keen on the robusta as I’d not ordered beans with robusta in before. The order was delivered quickly and i imagine if i had a espresso machine I may have had more success…


Fantastic taste, good price & fast delivery. I can recommend The Coffeeworks without hesitation. This particular bundle (for my morning cappuccino) is my fav. A+++

Daz C.
Bundle Deal Chocolate Brownie Blend + Chocolate Fondant Blend

I am loving these beans!!! The chocolate brownie blend was easy to dial in quickly (I've got a dedica, sage the dose grinder and unpressurised baskets) and tasted great from the off 😁👍 - beans are very forgiving - even pulling a slow 1:1 ratio shot to make a small flat white was a 'wow' moment, buttery rich chocolate that cut perfectly through the milk - addictive!!

I found the chocolate fondant beans a bit more challenging to dial in but I'm now hitting the sweet spot with a 1:2.3 ratio - another dark chocolate tasting espresso but with an extra rich kick but smooth after taste.

Just want to say thank you Kev for all your blogs, videos and kit/coffee recommendations - you've been a massive help with my journey into home barista'ing - keep up the good work 😄👍

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