Dark Chocolate & Biscoff Ethiopia Mocha Djimma

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A deep, bitter-sweet dark chocolatey coffee with a lovely warming spicey finish.  Imagine a lotus biscuit dipped in dark chocolate!

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Origin: Ethiopia

Varietals: Heirloom

Roast: Dark

Suitable for: All brew methods

Bitter sweet dark chocolate, caramel, slightly nutty, with warming spicy notes. Low Acidity.

This is a delicious, bold and punchy dark roast Djimma Ethopia coffee, with bags of character.

For me, this tastes exactly how I imagine a dark chocolate coated lotus biscuit would taste! It has a deep dark chocolate taste, with warm spicey notes, and a caramel sweetness.

It's a natural processed coffee, naturally growing heirloom varietals, produced in the forests of the Oromo region, widely believed to be the birthplace of coffee.

If you're wanting to experience Ethiopian coffee that tastes as close as possible to the first coffee that would have been brewed from locally picked wild growing coffee trees in the forests of what is now known as Ethiopia, I don't think you'll get much closer than this!


How it Tastes

You've probably tasted a lotus biscuit? If you haven't, I'd definitely go and buy some from somewhere, they're mega!

If you have, then you'll know they have a lovely warming spiciness to them, balanced by a caramel sweetness.

If you were to coat one of these in dark chocolate, you'd have a taste very similar to this coffee!

For me, there's a biscuity note straight away, I then get deep, dark chocolate & warming spices.

This works fantastically as the base for milkies, flat white, cortado, cappuccino, latte, as this is a bold flavoursome coffee that not only cuts through the sweetness of the milk or milk alternative but is lifted by it, resulting in an ultra chocolatey & spicey milky.

Try it, you'll love it. If you don't, I'll eat my hat. I don't own a hat, but I'll buy one (a chocolate one) and I'll eat it.

The Birthplace of Coffee

This coffee comes from the forests of the Orimo region of Ethiopia, widely believed to be the birthplace of coffee.

Wild coffee trees have been growing in this region for millennia, and the ancestors of the Oromo people first started using coffee as a food, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of years before it was first consumed as a beverage.

The coffee cherries would be picked from the wild coffee trees and then mixed with animal fat and made into long-lasting balls of sustenance, worn in animal skin pouches, to keep them going on hunting and gathering trips.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Mike H.
Kev’s spot on

Our go to coffee is mandelhing Sumatran and this comes pretty close. Kev’s description was spot on. Very enjoyable👍👍

Sarah M.
Delicious, Rich and Dark

This is another great coffee from Coffee Works. In fact, it is my new favourite. It is the best coffee so far for getting a really good shot using a single basket on my Barista Pro. It is the only one that produces a really good crema and full flavour. I have read online that it is really tricky to get the perfect shot from the single basket and I have found that to be the case until now but I like a small coffee a couple of times during the morning rather than one large double shot. The flavour is deliciously rich and dark but there is no bitterness or acidity. Definitely a dark chocolate taste compared to the Chocolate Brownie beans, which are also delicious but have a more milk chocolate flavour.
Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!

Andrew S.
My Favourite so far

I like a dark roast and these beans deliver. Well rounded, full bodied but not overly bitter. Lovely crema with expresso. Makes a great long black.

A lovely bitter, dark roasted coffee full of character.

Tried and loved the Chocolate Brownie blend, which I would describe as quite a smooth everyday coffee. This coffee in comparison has a lot more 'character' - for me the bitterness is the main flavour I pick up on with some more subtle spicy notes. It's a taste that lingers long after the last sip (in a very pleasant way).

It may be too strong/bitter for some palates, but I believe getting the milk texture perfect is key to balancing those bitter notes. So don't feel disappointed if you find your first few cups are overly bitter to expectations - and you can always increase the ratio of milk to espresso.

Thank you for the great coffee! :)

Ben C.

Loved this coffee, gonna buy a bigger bag next time it was so good. I love the brownie beans but this was just as good quality with a nice variation of flavour. Def recommend as it comes or as a flat white

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