Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Collection


This collection contains:

1 x 250g Classic Italian Espresso Blend

1 x 250g Chocolate Fondant Blend

1 x 250g Dark Chocolate Sumatra Mandheling

1 x 250g Dark Chocolate & Biscoff Ethiopia Mocha Djimma

Sent in a plain craft box ready to be gift-wrapped if you wish and the label on the front of each bag explains the coffee, where it comes from in the region, taste notes and brewing methods.

Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself to a selection of our best coffees with a 15% saving over buying them individually. Take out a subscription and save another 15% on top of that!

Origin: Various

Roast: Medium/Dark



Four great options for bean to cup coffee machines.

Classic Italian Espresso Blend- A classic Italian espresso flavour profile achieved with a medium/dark roast, making it particularly bean to cup machine friendly. There's a definite classic Italian profile, hence the name, but it's also quite easy going, not super intense. More Info

Chocolate Fondant Blend - Bold, punchy with deep luxurious & toasty chocolate notes, this is one you have to try! More Info

Dark Chocolate & Biscoff Ethiopia Mocha Djimma - A deep, bitter-sweet dark chocolatey coffee with a lovely warming spicy finish.  Imagine a lotus biscuit dipped in dark chocolate! More Info

Dark Chocolate Sumatra Mandheling - A rich, dark & bold coffee with a creamy mouthfeel. More Info

A Great Intro to Freshly Roasted Beans For Bean to Cup Machines.

We get a lot of enquiries about which are the best coffee beans to use for bean to cup coffee machines.

While most of our coffee beans are actually fine in theory for these kinds of machines, we decided it would be a nice idea to create a selection box of four of our beans that are among the best choice for people using this kind of coffee machine.

Bean to cup coffee machines work slightly differently to traditional espresso machines, instead of a portafilter (filter holder) they use something called a brewing unit, or "infuser" which holds the basket, which is inside the machine and is responsible for producing the espresso.

Their integrated grinders are set to grind quite coarse (compared to traditional espresso grind) and as a result, the same coffee beans used via a bean to cup machines would usually be slightly less intense vs using them with a traditional machine.

For this reason, we usually recommend our bolder coffee beans for use with bean to cup coffee machines. 

Classic Italian is the least punchy in the box, it has the unmistakable classic Italian profile, but it's also fairly laid back and easy drinking.  

Moving into slightly bolder territory, Chocolate Fondant blend takes things up a notch, delivering toasty chocolatey notes reminiscent of chocolate fondant.

Dark Chocolate & Biscoff Ethiopia Djimma and Dark Chocolate Sumatra Mandheling are quite similar in their intensity, but they offer different taste profiles. 

Djimma delivers bitter sweet & spicy, while Sumatra gives the kind of deep complexity you'd expect if you're familiar with Sumatra Mandheling, along with a very enjoyable & moreish creamy body.

It's OK to have favourites, by the way - so please let us know by leaving a review, which of the bean to cup collection box you enjoyed the most, we're looking forward to hearing what you think, warts 'n all.

How It Tastes

Classic Italian Blend. Traditional Italian notes, yet nice and easy going via bean to cup machines.

Chocolate Fondant Blend. Think dark, bold molten chocolate fondant, with that characteristic toasty chocolate flavour.

Dark Chocolate & Biscoff Ethiopia Djimma. Intense & bitter-sweet with lots of dark chocolate and a lingering spicy finish.

Dark Chocolate Sumatra Mandheling. Deep dark chocolate with a luxurious creamy mouthfeel.

Four perfect coffees for bean to cup machines

A mix of Arabica and Indian Cherry Robusta Coffee Beans.

A blend of Brazilian Santos Arabica, Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica and Indian Cherry Robusta.

Hierloom Veriatels from the forests of the Orimo region of Ethiopia.

Permata Gayo cooperative, Gayo Highlands region of central Aceh in Sumatra

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A good selection

Bought this to try out with my new Gaggia Magenta. All seem to work well with the machine without much tweaking of the settings.

Rebecca G.W.
Great selection!

Really stunning selection of whole bean coffees. Very impressed!

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