Toffee Apple Nicaragua


The perfect balance of tart apple & caramel sweentess, topped off with notes of nuts & chocolate, like the best toffee apple ever!

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Origin: Nicaragua

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance. Direct Trade.

SCA Score:86

Roast: Medium

Suitable for: Espresso, Filter, Cafetiere, Aeropress (espresso-style, standard non-inverted method)

Varietal: Red Catuai. Yellow Catuai. Caturra

Process: Washed

A fully bodied coffee with subtle apple acidity and caramel sweetness, also some dark chocolate and hazelnut notes. Clean finish.

These coffee beans are largely shade-grown, at altitudes of 1250-1450m, in the protected biodiverse tropical paradise of the Cerro Dantali El Diablo Nature Reserve.

The varietals used are Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai & Caturra, and this is a washed processed coffee bean.

The Speciality Coffee Association score is 86, and the roast level is medium. This is the same beans used for Custard Cream Nicaragua, but taken to a slightly more developed roast to increase some of the sweeter notes, resulting in reduced acidity.

How it Tastes

This is the same high-quality shade-grown coffee bean used for Custard Cream Nicaragua, from the La Bastilla estate in the tropical paradise of a natural reserve in Jinotega, northern-central Nicaragua.

However, the slightly more developed roast produces a different taste profile, reducing the acidity and amping up the sweetness.

For me there’s the enjoyable but not too overpowering apple acidity, balanced by a caramel sweetness, so this coffee for me is reminiscent of toffee apples, although there are also some chocolate and nutty notes.

La Bastilla Farm

La Bastilla coffee farm is located around 20 kilometers from Jinotega, in the stunning tropical paradise of the Cerro Dantali El Diablo Nature Reserve, an extremely important biodiverse protected habitat.

The farm is situated in a unique microclimate, with an abundance of natural shade-providing trees, volcanic soil and a natural biodiversity which results in exceptional quality coffee with distinctive qualities.

La Bastilla became Rainforest Alliance certified in 2003 and maintains an ongoing program for continuous improvement.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jonathan B.
Great coffee beans, description was spot

I was looking for something that was better quality without the crazy price tag, this hit the mark perfectly!

Jamie C.
Oddly disappointing

Sorry Kev, love the Youtube work and thought I’d try a couple of your roasted coffees, but both disappointing (Toffee Apple and Custard Cream). Tried making in espresso/latte/V60 versions, and from the smell through to taste, not what I was expecting from the descriptions. To my palette at least, tasted bitter, almost smoky with no sweetness/complexity, and only passable with a lot of sugar/milk added. Bit of a shame as your prices are competitive with the other online roasters.

Thanks for the honest feedback Jamie. This just sounds like dialing in issues, there's no way you should be detecting bitterness and smokiness with these two, sounds like you're experiencing over-extraction. I'll email you directly to offer some dialing in tips. Cheers.

Chris H.
Beautiful Coffee

I am not an expert and certainly cannot describe coffee flavours, but I really liked this one. Smooth with a pleasant, slightly unusual flavour. Brewed as espresso in a Sage Barista Impress and drunk as an americano. My son in law drinks his coffee short and could relate to the ‘toffee apple’ description.

Lee B.
Another great tasting coffee

Very tasty and I love mine with milk.

Chris L.
Incredible coffee Superb Service

With the New range of coffee beans you are absolutely stuck for choice , tried 5 different bags which I shared with a friend , the 2 decafs are the best we ever tried , now I am onto the Choc brownie bag 💼 and it lives up to its name especially as a latte base , great work Kev my highest coffee compliments to you Sir !

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