Milk Chocolate & Coconut Decaf Brazil


A lovely coffee with lovely milk chocolate notes and a subtle background note of coconut, almost makes me want to wear a bikini and bask under a palm tree!

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Origin: Brazil

Roast: Dark

Suitable for: All brew methods

Varietal: Catuai. Bourbon. 

Decaf Process:  Methylene chloride

Milk chocolate and coconut, well balanced and easy drinking.

These MC decaffeinated coffee beans are a blend of 100% Brazilian Santos Arabica coffee beans, the varietals are Bourbon & Catuai, grown at an altitude of approx. 950m, and the roast profile is dark. 

How it Tastes

This is a lovely Brazilian coffee, really enjoyable to drink, and oh yeah, it’s a decaf. This isn’t a coffee you’ll drink only because it’s decaf, it tastes great!

If you’re not a bounty fan ;-), don’t be too put off by the coconut taste notes, it’s a subtle background note, and you might not even pick it up, the main note for me is milk chocolate.

Brazilian smallholder farms from Minas Gerais

This decaf is made using a blend of 100% Arabica (Bourbon & Catuai) from smallholder farms within the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

The decaffeination process for this one is the MC method, methylene-chloride, in which 97% of caffeine is removed (not the same 99.9% caffeine removal as with our Swiss Water decaffeinated chocolate & caramel decaf peru).

While in an ideal world we'd prefer to only offer water-processed decaf, we don't believe that this process poses any risk whatsoever, or we wouldn't offer them.

Methylene chloride is not considered a health risk at under 10 parts per million, and in green, unroasted beans that have been decaffeinated in this way, the residual amount of MC remaining is under 1 part per million.

Where common sense comes into it though is that methylene chloride is very heat reactive, and it evaporates at just 40 degrees Celcius, so even if there is a tiny amount of residual solvent within the green beans, it's likely to evaporate during the high temperatures of roasting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Janet P.
Very good flavour decaf

A great tasting coffee

Russell s.
Lovely, very fresh coffee beans

Milk chocolate & coconut decaffeinated: delicious coffee with glossy beans delivered within 5 days of being roasted. I usually buy the chocolate & caramel beans but this one is a little richer and slightly smoother in my opinion.
Many decafs disappoint as being thin tasting but both of these are full bodied and smooth.

Decaf that doesn’t taste like decaf !

This is great coffee that you wouldn’t know was decaf if you hadn’t been told. Very different from many decaf coffee’s in that it has a full rounded flavour.

Martina N.
Fantastic Decaf Coffee Beans

So good to be able to buy decaf coffee beans with a fantastic taste. A beautiful rich roast coffee bean. Would definitely recommend and will be ordering again


This is one of the best tasting decafs I’ve had loved it.

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