Milk Chocolate & Caramel Decaf Peru


This decaf is so good that you'll find yourself drinking it because of the way it tastes, regardless of the fact that it's decaf!

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Origin: Peru

Certifications: Organic. Fairtrade. Swiss Water Decaf

SCA Score: 83

Roast: Dark

Suitable for: All brew methods

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo and Pache

Decaf Process: Swiss Water

Rich and chocolatey with sweet caramel notes. You won't believe it's decaf!

If you're fed up of having to "slum it" with decaf that just doesn't taste like proper coffee whenever you need to drink decaf, then you're going to love this!

This is a single origin speciality decaf coffee, from the Alto Mayo Agricultural Cooperative in Peru.

These single-origin decaffeinated coffee beans are grown at an altitude of 1200-1900m, the varietals are Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo and Pache. The Speciality Coffee Association score for this coffee is 83, and these coffee beans are Organic, Fairtrade & Swiss Water decaffeinated.

This coffee has been decaffeinated using the Swiss water decaf process, this is a decaffeination process that removes most of the caffeine, without stripping away the taste.

How it Tastes

Yes this is a decaf, but no, it doesn't taste like muck! In fact, it tastes incredible! Try it on someone who loves their coffee, don't let them know it's decaf until they've tasted it, and I'll bet they'll be amazed!

To the most obvious flavour I can relate the taste of this decaf single origin to, is milk chocolate & caramel. In fact, it reminds me of one of my favourite chocolates which I won't name, but it rhymes with Padburies Fairy Silk Caramel.

If you're new to flavour notes in speciality coffee, please note that when we're talking about taste notes we're not talking about flavours that are so strong that you think they're artificially flavoured, they're usually relatively subtle.

If you have a really well-developed palate then you may detect really strong flavour notes, but if you don't to begin with, stick with it.

Keep tasting different coffees, and don't mask them with milk and sugar (if you're making milkies and/or adding sugar just taste the coffee each time you brew before you add anything to it), you'll find that your palate develops over time and you start to taste things in your coffee that you didn't previously notice.

The Alto Mayo Agricultural Coffee Cooperative

The Alto Mayo Co-op was co-founded in 2012 by a group of 15 young coffee producers in the Alto Mayo protected rainforest in the Andes Mountains in northern Peru, which has since grown to include around a thousand families in 45 production areas.

This is an incredibly important area of rainforest which is estimated to absorb around half a million metric tons of CO2 each year and is the natural habitat for thousands of species of flora and fauna, including rare endemic species such as the Yellow Tailed Woolly Monkey & the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock.

The goal of the Co-op was to sensitively develop non-invasive coffee production practices in order to sustainably produce the incredible quality coffee that the unique conditions of this area provide, while also preserving the local ecosystem by preventing the destructive farming practices that have lead to massive deforestation in other important rainforests.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Delicious Decaf!

Heard of The Coffee Works through various online searches and blogs, and I'm so pleased I did! I only drink decaf, and recently purchased a Gaggia Anima espresso machine so wanted to use fresh decaf beans. The Coffee Works Milk Chocolate & Caramel beans from Peru really hit the spot. The only trouble is my teenage kids now love coffee too and I'm going to have to up my order!

Rob R.
Milk Chocolate & Caramel Decaf Peru

I have been searching fo a decent decaf bean for my sage barista pro and I do believe I’ve found it! Previously been using Chocolate Brownie Beans and this decaf once failed in properly tastes great!!!

Paul A.
More excellent coffee

This is perfect coffee for your Latte and flat whites.

Chris W.
Absolutely lovely! Exactly as described. Just order it!

Try it, I guarantee you'll score it 5/5!

Terry J.
Excellent Decaf

This decaf has all the flavour of a regular coffee, I highly recommend you try it.

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