Fruitcake Blend


A delicious spicy & fruity coffee, reminiscent of Christmas cake.

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Origin: Sumatra. Ethiopia. Honduras. India

SCA Score: Arabicas: 84, 84.5, 83

Certifications: Organic. Fairtrade

Roast: Medium dark

Suitable for: Espresso. Cafetiere. Sage Coffee Machines. Aeropress (espresso-style, standard non-inverted method)

Varietal: Ateng. Bourbon. Catuai. Caturra. Djimmah. Forest. Kaffa. Limmu. Pacamara. Robusta

Process: Galling-Basah, Washed and Natural

Nutty, Spicy & fruity, reminiscent of Christmas cake, easy to dial in for espresso.

This is a mix of 100% Arabica speciality coffee beans from Sumatra, Ethiopia & Honduras and a very high quality Indian Robusta, which blend brilliantly to produce a smooth yet powerful, tasty & well-balanced coffee.

This is perfect for espresso, it will also work well for cafetiere, stove top, and espresso-style, standard "instructions method" Aeropress.

These coffee beans are grown at altitudes of 900-1600mm, the Arabica varietals are Ateng, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Djimmah, Forest, Kaffa, Limmu & Pacamara, the Robusta is Indian Cherry.

The processing methods are Galling-Basah, Natural processed and Washed, and the Speciality Coffee Association score of the Arabica coffees used is 84, 84.5 & 83.

How it Tastes

This is a punchy coffee, but it’s not a wallop across the chops type of punch. There are definite fruity notes there, with an overriding background cick of spices and nuts.

Coffee tasting is subjective, and it depends how you’re brewing it too of course, and how good an extraction you manage to achieve, but this is quite a forgiving blend, so it’s fairly easy to work with, and most people will get lovely fruity & spicey notes from this without too much faff.

Sumatra, Honduran & Ethiopian Arabica + Indian Robusta

This is a blend of three Arabicas with a small amount of Indian cherry Robusta to just amplify things slightly, but without taking it into the realms of burnt rubber!

If you’re looking for a forgiving blend which is easy to work with, with most brew methods, this is a decent bean to go for, and it’s really nicely balanced between punch and flavour.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Isobel M.
Nice But

Interesting coffee which might be more suited to straight expresso, french press etc?I I wasn't convinced it stood up to a 'milkie'. I ended up at grind size 3 with my usual 17g dose re Smart Grinder Pro and Bambino Plus. I got a bit of spice on the nose and a little bit when trying the straight expresso before adding the streamed milk. I wonder if it might suit a cortado more than a flat white, latte etc?

Thomas T.

Great tasting coffee , very chocolatey and like a fruitcake that you get in Scotland at new year called black bun a dark looking fruitcake. Really nice very drinkable.

Peter R.
Brilliant Service

First time buyer: Really decent fresh coffee, absolutely no hassle ordering and prompt delivery service, just love the Fruitcake blend. Credit to them, well done


First time dialing in fresh beans with my new machine and it was very quick and easy. Taste is great!

Works well for milkies

As per a previous review, I found this blended needed quite a fine grind to get the best flavour, which shows through in Flat Whites and Cortados. Would happily buy again.

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