Cranberry & Pomegranate Kenya


A complex, fruity & tangy Kenyan coffee, washed, SL28 & R11, light roast, mega via pourover!

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Origin: Kenya

SCA Score: 87

Roast: Light

Suitable for: Filter, Cafetiere, Espresso, Aeropress (inverted),

Varietals: SL28. R11

Process: Washed

A complex and thoroughly satisfying Kenyan coffee with a whole fruit basket full of fruity and tangy notes including Pomegranate and Cranberry, with very subtle honey sweetness and a smooth, silky body.

This is an amazing Kenyan coffee bursting with flavour, grown in Kirinyaga County, about 25 miles south of Mount Kenya.

These coffee beans are grown at altitudes of 1490-1500M, the varietals are SL28 & R11 the processing method is washed, the Speciality Coffee Association score is 87, and the roast profile is light.

How it Tastes

I've tried to pick out the key flavour notes here as I always do when naming the coffee, but as you'll discover when you try this coffee, which I'd highly recommend everyone does at least once, it's an incredibly complex coffee which has the tendency to deliver different tastes with each sip.

Overall, though, it's just a stunningly enjoyable coffee, and I think most people will just have a big grin on their face while drinking this one, it's just delicious.

Kianjege Coffee Factory

Some of the best coffee in Kenya is grown in the rich volcanic soils of Kirinyaga, close to Mount Kenya, and the region is known for producing incredibly flavour-dense and complex cup profiles.

The coffee in Kirinyaga is produced mainly by smallholders and small to medium coffee farms, and processed by one of a number of local wet mills, including Kianjege Coffee Factory, the wet mill that this coffee comes from.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chris F.

Can't say more than I will be subscribing to this one regularly - to my tastes just perfect for a rich fruity complex espresso.

Richard M.
Nice coffee and good service.

My sort of coffee. Light roast and fruity refreshing taste from Aeropress. Thanks- I’ll be back for more.

Lyn C.
Great Coffee, Great Service

Yet another lovely coffee from Kev and Coffee Works. I am continually impressed by the hard work and dedication he shows. This guy really does know his onions, or should I say ... beans. Smooth and silky. Off to make a brew right now .....

Sam M.
Lovely for pour over

I've only been brewing with a v60 for a couple of months but this is by far the best bean I've tried with it so far. Makes a lovely cup to drink black, fruity with just enough acidity for me. I always rotate my coffee but I'll come back to this one

Coffee at its Best

This fruity sweet coffee makes each sip wanting you to drink more.
The cranberry is not to strong which is great for me...
Reminds me of Christmas for some reason. Absolutely a great coffee and worth every penny, you can tell that the passion for coffee has gone into this fantastic product.
Will definitely be purchasing again.

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