IKAPE V1 Coffee Electronic Scale


The IKAPE V1 scales are a very good option for anyone looking for a relatively low cost set of scales but with a decent build quality and features.

If you were looking at the slightly more generic, £20-£30 brew scales, and you were contemplating just dropping a few more quid on something that might be slightly nicer to use and may last longer, these are well worth a look.

They're more or less the same as the slightly pricier V2 scales from IKAPE, but made of plastic instead of aviation Aluminium.

They're as quick and as accurate as most similarly priced brew scales, they can easily be used in silent mode, and they have a physical on/off switch.

You'll see a lot about accuracy when you're looking at brew scales, in my opinion most scales are more than accurate enough, a discrepancy of 0.1 or 0.2 grams is very unlikely to be a problem.

For me the main issue with cheaper scales is latency, or delay. The more latency, the harder it is to stop the shot, or to stop pouring, when you're at your target ratio.

Features and Benefits:

0.3 to 2000g measuring range
0.1g weight increments 
USBC rechargeable
‎Three use modes
• Physical on/off switch
• Silent mode

One of the main reasons I'd be inclined to go up into the mid price range for something like the IKAPE V1 or V2, or one of the Timemore scales, is for the lack or latency vs the much cheaper options.

If you've ever used much cheaper scales, you'll be familiar with stopping the shot at 36g for example, and ending up with close to 50g, often followed by rude language (from the user, not the scales).

So using slightly more premium scales is worth it mainly for the lack of delay, and you'll usually get slightly better build quality, more compact size & a longer lasting rechargeable battery.

With the V1 IKAPE scales, you get pretty much everything I'd expect at this kind of price point, plus it's easy to silence the beeping, and it has a physical on and off button.

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