IKAPE Coffee Electronic Scale V2 (various Colours)


The IKAPE V2 scales are one of the best mid priced scales on the market, especially for espresso.

They're made of aviation aluminium, they look and feel very well built, they're nice and short & have a fairly small footprint, and they're as quick in terms of refresh rate as any of the other sub £100 brew scales I've used.

They're more than accurate enough, you can turn the sound off if you like, they have an auto start setting for espresso, and a pourover mode, and they have an actual on/off button.

These are one of the nicest brew scales I've used under £100, they're very similar where speed (lack of latency) and accuracy is concerned to similarly priced scales from Timemore for example,  but they have some very nice fairly unique features for scales at this price point.

Features and Benefits:

0.3 to 2000g measuring range
0.1g weight increments 
All aluminium body
USBC rechargeable
‎Three use modes
• Physical on/off switch
• Silent mode
• ‎Size: 1.9cm tall, 11.7cm wide, 12.7cm deep

I have to say, for a scale at this kind of price, the IKAPE V2 is really impressive.

It's only about 5mm taller than the Acaia Lunar, it's Alu like the Lunar (although the weighing platform itself is glass) and OK it doesn't have the same number of modes or the app connectivity as the Lunar does.

Nor does it have the crazy fast refresh rate and precision of the Lunar, but it's more than precise enough and fast enough for most home baristas, I reckon. It's just as good in these areas than any other sub £100 scale I've used, and it's better than some scales in certain areas.

In fact, in a couple of areas I'd go so far as to say it's better than the Acaia Lunar. For one, it won't cost you a divorce when the better half finds out how much you spent on scales ;-).

The main thing I like about this vs the Lunar though is the physical on/off switch. 

The Acia Lunar is very good, don't get me wrong, but I do find not having a physical on/off to be a pain at times, turning it off when I'm trying to do something else with it such as change modes or re-set the timer, and turning it on by mistake.

Being able to easily (just the position of the on/off slider) turn off the audio is a great feature vs some other scales on the market, and it's great that it has an auto start mode for espresso if you want to use that, and a pourover mode. 

Personally I prefer to use the standard mode, but if you like to use an auto start, this has worked well when I've used it.

It has a USB C charger, 1500 mAh Li-ion, so you shouldn't have to re-charge it often, and it's a really nice, solid set of scales, very good for the money.

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