Chocolate Fondant Blend


Bold, punchy with deep luxurious slightly toasty chocolate notes, this is one you have to try!

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Origin: Blend. Brazil. Ethiopia. India

Roast: Medium Dark

Suitable for: All brew methods

Varietal: Bourbon. Catuai. Heirloom. Robusta

Process: Washed. Natural

The taste of dark, rich oozing chocolate fondant - deep dark chocolate with slightly toasty notes, huge crowd-pleaser!

If you're looking for something really bold & punchy but also super luxurious and amazingly tasty, you need to try our chocolate fondant blend!

We took our best selling coffee beans, chocolate brownie blend, and experimented with various tweaks to try to deliver even more punch & depth of flavour.

We ended up upping the % of Ethiopian Djimmah mocha, but at a slightly darker roast, and the result is simply stunning!

This is awesome for espresso, but it's also great via cafetiere, filter, Aeropress and Moka pot.

How it Tastes

This is basically an amplified version of our chocolate brownie blend, it's the same blend of beans but with the addition of more of the mocha Djimma at a more developed roast.

If you imagine the molten chocolate that oozes from a chocolate fondant, that deep chocolate flavour often with toasty notes, this is what this coffee reminds me of the most, hence the name.

If you like the chocolate brownie blend but you sometimes want something even more bold & indulgent, you'll love this!

Brazil Ethiopia & India

This is a blend of carefully chosen high quality coffees including Brazilian Santos Arabica, Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica and Indian Cherry Robusta.

It's the same beans used for our chocolate brownie blend, but with a higher percentage of the mocha Djimma (at a more developed roast profile) to deliver even more depth of flavour!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
John R.
Chocolate Fondant Blend

The coffee is fantastic. The service was great. Will be subscribing. Pulls a fanatic punchy espresso with a great crema via my Sage machine at a grind setting of 6.

Isobel M.

Really enjoyed this coffee: as the team say, punchier than the Chocolate Brownie so cuts through 'milkies' better. With the Sage Grinder I kept at 6 but increased my dose to 16.4g which seemed to work with the wee Bambino Plus. I would get this coffee blend again

Bob H.
Mistakenly gave wrong rating previously

Love this coffee has a depth to the flavour and is very drinkable

Bob H.
Lovely coffee

Hits the spot for me. My new favourite.


The taste was ok but I found the beans quite pale and very bulky on grind (my usual setting was far too much for the portafikter).
The coffee was smooth but I didn’t get the chocolate as much as a Starbucks espresso roast.
Maybe I am just set in my ways

Thanks for your feedback. It sounds like you're grinding too coarse, and under extracting. When comparing freshly roasted beans to your Starbucks beans, the difference is that you don't really need to dial in those kinds of beans, you can't do a great deal to change the way they taste. With Chocolate Fondant, being very fresh and vibrant, you can impact the flavour quite a lot. If you get closer to being dialled in, you should find a huge difference in taste, when dialled in this coffee should taste ultra chocolaty. Thanks :-).

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