Choc & Nut Colombia


High-scoring Colombian single-origin from La Laguna Siberia Reserva, grown by a small association of 12 families in the Cauca region. Medium/Dark roast, bold, chocolatey & nutty, great for all brew methods.

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Origin: Single OriginColombia

SCA Score: 84.25

Roast: Dark

Suitable for: Espresso, Filter, Cafetiere, Sage Coffee Machines, Aeropress (espresso-style, standard non-inverted method)

Varietals: Caturra, Typica

Process: Washed 

Chocolaty and Nutty, hence the name - with a slight hint of nectarine, light citrus acidity, medium to full body & a lovely lingering caramel finish.

This is a stunning, high-scoring Colombian single origin coffee bean, produced in a small reserve called La Laguna Siberia Reserva in the North Eastern area of the Cauca Dept, Colombia, between the two municipalities Caldono Piendamó.

These coffee beans are grown at altitudes of 1300-1650m, the varietals are Colombia, Caturra & Typica, the processing method is washed & hand sorted, the Speciality Coffee Association score is 87.5, and the roast profile is dark.

How it Tastes

If you like a punchy yet tasty coffee with chocolate and nutty notes, you'll like this! There are also some sweet & citrus notes, reminiscent of the fruits grown among the coffee trees in this reserve, including Panela (cane sugar), Pineapples and Lemons.

A great bean for espresso, cafetiere, Aeropress & stovetop, but works equally well for pour over.

Finca La Laguna Reserva

This is a very small association of just 12 families who were previously operating independently, but who joined forces following the "strength in numbers" principle, making them less vulnerable to the unfair dealings that they felt they were often subjected to as a result of their former autonomy.

Once they created their alliance, they joined the Cencoic Co-Operative (Central Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca), a co-op of indigenous reserves in the Cauca region with nineteen groups totaling almost 2,800 smallholder families.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
The best from Cworks so far

This coffee is brilliant if prepared properly with the right espresso recipe and the beans are used about 2 weeks after the roast date so they have de-gassed sufficiently and they're always stored air tight in the freezer until finished!
When made, I get a very well balanced, smooth, strong taste of chocolate and nuts for my flat whites (6oz cup) using a full cream Lacto free milk. I have a lot of specialty cafe's where I live in London and my housemates think my coffee tastes better than our local cafés, I'm not of the same opinion but I would say almost most of the cafés.

My set up:
I use an upgraded and modified Gaggia Classic with a PID and pressure profiling and a Eureka Specialita grinder. My portafilter has a Pullman 876, 17 to 19g precision basket.

My recipe is:
Dose 17g in aiming for 28 or 29g out with an extraction time of 25 to 28 seconds and my temperature is set to 94 degrees, due to the small boiler it sits about 92.8 during most of the extraction. I also have a 13 second pre infusion phase, 3 sec on to get to 2 bar then off pausing for 10 sec then on again to 9 bar decreasing slowly to 6 bar.
I admit this is obviously a lot of effort and way over the top for most people reading this but the results are well worth it if you are able to do this on your machine, a simple 9 bar shot is what most people can only do and the results are very nice with this too, but a precision basket and a quality grinder with temperature control makes a massive difference not to mention good technique!
Note: a precision basket is a very small price to pay for a very big improvement, I would start here regardless what machine you use.
This coffee is my go to so far due to the flavour profile providing a nice chocolate, caramel and nut taste, I have tried many others but taste is subjective what matters is you can get good results with this single origin consistently. For me its delicious!

Sean S.
Surprisingly good!

A beautiful coffee for a dark roast. Works particularly well with any milk based coffee. The flavours really come through in a flat white, which I can't get enough of with this coffee!!

Best I have found

After staying at a coffee plantation in Colombia in 2020, this is as best UK supplied Colombian coffee I have found to date. Fresh with the expected flavours and aroma - which are hard to find! Great job Coffeeworks 👏

Chidiebere. N.
Choc and Nut Colombia

Its taken me a few attempts but now that I have my grinder dialled in, I'm getting a great crema and a really good tasting well balanced espresso shot. Its rich in flavour but it is also very smooth, it tastes just as it is described!. This is my first purchases and I will be definitely be trying some more.

Ashish C.

Choc & nut is an excellent coffee. i found a subtle hint of nuttiness as an aftertaste. Would highly recommend

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