Cherry & Caramel Brazil


Delightful natural processed Brazilian coffee from a family-run farm in Monte Santo de Minas. Vibrant Morello cherry and sweet caramel, in a word, flawless!

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Origin: Single Origin. Brazil

SCA Score: 84.5

Roast: Medium

Suitable for: All brew methods

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural

Tangy Morello cherry & smooth sweet caramel with a maple syrup finish

Delightful natural processed Brazilian coffee from a family-run farm in Monte Santo de Minas. Vibrant Morello cherry and sweet caramel, in a word, flawless!

How it Tastes

This is a flawless Brazilian coffee with a big body & bursting with flavour, thanks partly to the red honey natural process.

By the way, there's no honey used in the red honey process, a common misconception. This is simply the name used to describe this processing method, in which up to 80% of the cherry is left on the beans when drying.

The body is thick and smooth, and although there's quite a lot going on with the taste, meaning I could describe lots of flavour notes, the most prominent flavours for me are bright and tangy Morello cherries & smooth, sweet caramel.

Fazenda Mio

Mió is a family-owned (the Pellicer family) coffee farm in Monte Santo de Minas in Brazil, who refused to give in to defeat, and started from scratch after the catastrophic frosts of 1975 which destroyed roughly half of Brazil's coffee trees!

It took them over 10 years, but they finally managed to start again, beginning with a tiny plot of land and just 6 coffee trees!

Now, Fazenda Mió is one of the major producers in the area, and the farm spans almost 1600 hectares between
Southern Minas Gerais and the Mogiana highlands.

This is a producer dedicated to preserving the local biodiversity, in fact much of their land is left as untouched, natural native forest.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Trish D.
Love it

lovely smooth coffee, lighter blend than i usually have, but excellent taste and balance.

Rhys M.

A weak tasting coffee for a medium roast

Ed R.
Cherry & Caramel Brazil

I am only just starting out in the world of fresh coffee beans and The Coffeeworks is the first place i have visited to purchase beans from. I got a selection to try and they have all been great . So far though my favourite has been this Cherry & Caramel Brazil bean. Lots of lovely caramel and chocolate’y notes and extremely smooth and mellow. I will be back again for this bean in the near future. Excellent!

Richard S.
Good Coffee

Easy to dial in with an electric grinder. Good tasting coffee (to me, I know, this is subjective). 4 stars as I have had other coffees I prefer (subjective again). So what is the point of this review? I found quality of water made a big difference (I live north of London). I used 0 TDS water with a Third Wave Espresso mix.

Tatyana A.
Coffee is just fantastic

I bought couple kinds of coffee from the Coffee works my first time
I am a coffee lover and especially espresso
For now l have a simple Dedica coffee machine but it works well and even more than that if coffee beans fresh and proper 😋
That is what l exactly got from The Coffee works..
There is everything what you just will expect from your first cup of espresso with that so fresh and great roast beans ..smell just fantastic and taste is amazing..
It's just my opinion and my taste but l really had experiences with different kinds if coffee..some was horrible some was so good..
But both of those Cherry and Caramel Brazil
plus Choc and Nut Colombia are now on my list of the best coffee beans l ever had tried..
Definitely will continue to be costumer here and of course exciting to buy and try different kinds of your coffee beans
So appreciate your service and your real care of your customers..

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