Big Scores Collection


This collection contains:

1 x 250g Nicaragua Toffee Apple

1 x 250g Nicaragua Custard Cream

1 x 250g  Kenya Cranberry & Pomegranate

1 x 250g Kenya Peaberry Rhubarb Crumble 

Sent in a plain craft box ready to be gift-wrapped if you wish and the label on the front of each bag explains the coffee, where it comes from in the region, taste notes and brewing methods.

Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself to a selection of our best coffees with a 15% saving over buying them individually. Take out a subscription and save another 15% on top of that!

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Origin: Various

SCA Score: 86 & 87

Roast: Various


Four high scoring stonking single origins

Nicaragua Toffee Apple - The perfect balance of tart apple & caramel sweentess, topped off with notes of nuts & chocolate, like the best toffee apple ever! More Info

Nicaragua Custard Cream - Cup of Excellence award-winning coffee from the tropical highlands of northern-central Nicaragua. A stonker for all brew methods but challenging for espresso due to being a high-grown light roast. More Info

Kenya Cranberry & Pomegranate - A complex, fruity & tangy Kenyan coffee, washed, SL28 & R11, light roast, mega via pourover! More Info

Kenya Peaberry Rhubarb Crumble - An amazingly complex flavour-packed Kenyan, definitely one to try if you like tangy acidity, great via pourover. More Info

How It Tastes

Nicaragua Toffee Apple - A fully bodied coffee with subtle apple acidity and caramel sweetness, also some dark chocolate and hazelnut notes. clean finish

Nicaragua Custard Cream - Various fruity notes & an increased toffee and caramel sweetness as it cools. lingering aftertaste of vanilla and caramel reminiscent of custard creams!

Kenya Cranberry & Pomegranate - A complex and thoroughly satisfying kenyan coffee with a whole fruit basket full of fruity and tangy notes including pomegranate and cranberry, with very subtle honey sweetness and a smooth, silky body.

Kenya Peaberry Rhubarb Crumble

Kenya & Nicaragua

Located around 20 kilometers from Jinotega, in the stunning tropical paradise of the Cerro Dantali El Diablo Nature Reserve, La Bastilla is situated in a unique microclimate, with an abundance of natural shade-providing trees, volcanic soil and a natural biodiversity which results in exceptional quality coffee with distinctive qualities.

Situated within the rich volcanic soils of Kirinyaga, close to Mount Kenya, a region renown for producing flavour-dense and complex cup profiles. Coffee is produced mainly by smallholders and small to medium coffee farms.

This coffee is produced mainly by smallholder farmers in Nyeri County, adjacent to Mount Kenya, processed by the Ndia-ini wet mill, managed by the Rumukia Farmers Co-operative Society. The farms are mainly family-run and are about half an acre on average, each with around 250 coffee trees.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jonathan B.
Nice coffee

It’s good coffee, delivered quickly.

Sam W.
It was OK

I ordered this bundle based on reviews I found on a blog. I wish I had taken the time to read the descriptions of each coffee on the website as, for my personal taste, these coffees are not strong enough.

Rob R.
Great service, great beans!

The big scores collection was everything I had hoped for. There were subtle differences among the four but all of them made a great cappuccino using my Sage Barista Express with a very fine grind (grind setting 2 or 3 on my machine). Service was great too. Very fast delivery and well packaged. I'll definitely buy from Coffee Works again - maybe try some of the other beans on offer.

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