Wilfa Svart Burr Coffee Grinder


The Wilfa Svart is an affordable yet well built electric burr grinder made mainly for manual brew methods.
At the sub £100 price point, if we’re talking about purely manual brewing, and especially for moka pot, aeropress and pourover, I think the Wilfa Svart is one of the best options.
It’s a very simple design, and very simple to use, with the hopper acting as the grind adjustment, and a simple on off plus timed grinding so you can set it grinding and walk off in the knowledge that it’ll stop grinding when it’s finished.

There’s a range guide on the hopper to tell you what grinding range you’re in, so it’s very straight foward to use, I’d just slap it towards the middle of the range for the brew method you’re using and tweak from there.

Features and Benefits

• 32 grind settings
• 40mm conical steel burrs
• On demand + timer
• Dimensions of 20cm wide, 31cm deep and 16cm tall (approx)
• 5 year manufacturers gaurantee

It comes with a 5 year manuacturers guarantee, which is an amazing thing given the price!

This grinder does quite well for grinds consistency at the low to mid end of the range, but things start to get a bit wilder where particle uniformity is concerned, towards the more coarse side of things, which is why I think this might not be the perfect option for cafetiere or large batch pourover brewing.

The grinds container does tend to suffer with static, but the “RDT” (fancy word for spraying a bit of water on your beans) or just passing a wet spoon handle through your beans before grinding, should help with that.

A quick note on this, it does appear that some people are going overboard with the RDT method, leading to soggy coffee and increased retention, so just remember you only need a tiny amount of moisture to reduce static.

Ignore some of the noise online about these coming with a 2 pin Eu plug, if you buy it from a grey importer then maybe, but if you’re buying from a UK supplier it’ll come with a 3 pin UK plug.

The long and short of it is that if you’re looking for a well built easy to use grinder for manual brewing methods, in particular for moka pot, Aeropress and pourover, the Wilfa Svart deserves to be on your shortlist.

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