Rocket Appartamento TCA Espresso Machine


The Rocket Appartamento TCA is Rocket's latest version of their best selling espresso machine.

It's very similar to the original, with some clever re-design both internally and externally.

In case you're not familiar with the Rocket Appartamento, it's an Italian built espresso machine that has been very popular since it's release in 2017.

It's a heat exchanger E61 group espresso machine, and it really didn't break much ground there, becoming one of the many similar espresso machines of this type on the market.

The appeal was mainly down to the visuals, as the original had more visual character than a lot of other E61 group heat exchanger machines on the market.

Things have moved quickly over the past few years, and the original got left behind a bit in terms of performance and features. 

So they've re-thought the Appartamento, with the new TCA version being even better looking, but more importantly, having more up to date features.

Features & Benefits

• E65 Style 58mm Group
1.8L TEA coated & insulated Copper Boiler with Copper Heat Exchanger
• Vibration Pump
• Adjustable PID 
• Adjustable OPV 
• Solid Build with One Piece Chassis 
• 2.5L water tank with low water detection 

•  Cool Touch Pro Steam Wand 
• Optional 30 min auto off 

The main update in terms of features, is that the TCA version, which stands for Temperature Control Adjustment, has an adjustable PID temperature controller.

This is probably the biggest turn off in recent years for the Appartamento, as there are similarly priced and even cheaper heat exchanger machines on the market that do have a PID.

You don't have mega control over the brew temperature, and of course with it being a heat exchanger machine, there's only one boiler, so you're changing the temp of the steam boiler & therefore the steam pressure at the same time.

But it works, and the available brew temp settings are fine for most "normal" home baristas.

What I mean by this, is that at the factory pre-set the brew temp is 93C. With an E61 group machine, once it's properly pre-heated (20-30 mins) 93C is going to be fine for most people who're using relatively traditional espresso roast profiles.

And with a cooler temperature of 91C being available, along with two hotter temperatures of 95 & 98, people who're pulling relatively standard shots of espresso will find this range to be fine.

Where the visuals are concerned, they've done a really good job here, it still looks like the Appartamento, but they've managed to give it even more character, especially with the shape of the group, which is triangular instead of the usual rounded style.

If you're looking for a head turning espresso machine for relatively traditional shots of espresso, and with enough steam power to quickly steam milk for great quality cappuccino, latte, flat white or whatever floats your boat - and you're looking for a well built Italian machine that will last for decades if well maintained, I think the Appartamento deserves to be on your shortlist.

One thing that makes the Appartamento TCA particularly appealing in the UK, is that the UK distributor Pro Espresso have created their "Fuel Club" plan, which allows you to get it via a subscription, for just £50 per month!.

If that sounded too good to be true, check this out - the minimum term is only 3 months, if you don't like it, they'll just come get it. If you decide to keep it, 90% of your monthly subscription is paying towards ownership, and you own it at month 36!

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