Philips 5400 Series bean to cup coffee machine


Philips have become one of the best selling brands of bean to cup coffee machines in recent years.

They really should be able to build decent bean to cup coffee machines, to be fair, given that they  own both Gaggia (who have been making bean to cup machines for decades) and Saeco (who invented bean to cup coffee machines).

The 5400 is the successor to the Philips 3200, which was a popular machine with the only real con being that that the milk system was a bit on the loud side.

The 5400 features the new, quieter, pipe free milk system. There are more one touch drinks, and the interface is smarter and more comprehensive.

Philips bean to cup machines are closest to Gaggia bean to cup machines, internally, having some very similar componentry.

In fact the brewing unit is exactly the same as the one that nearly all of the Gaggia bean to cup machines use, and I suspect there are other shared components.

They differ when it comes to features and looks, Philips machines appear to have been made to capture DeLonghi's market in this regard, the the Philips 5400 having a similar look and feature set as the DeLonghi Eletta Explore.

Features and Benefits

•  9 One Touch Coffees
12 Grind Settings
1.8 Litre Water Tank (front accessed) 
Dump Box Capacity: 12
True Double Shots
• Four User Profiles Plus Guest Profile
Maximum Cup Height : 15.8 cm 
Grinder Bypass Chute for Pre-ground Coffee
• Adjustable Auto Standby (15-180 mins)
• Beverages Counter
• Three Brew Temperature Settings
• Adjustable Shot Volume
• True Double Shots
• Quick "Extra Shot" Option
• "Travel Mug" Setting
Dimensions (WxDxH): 24.7 x 43.4 x 37.2 cm

I think Philips have been clever with this particular range of bean to cup machines.

They appear to have gone with very similar internals to the Gaggia machines, which makes sense as they work well, but it seems that they're trying to compete with DeLonghi, rather than aiming for people who would be going for a Gaggia coffee machine. 

This makes a lot of sense, Philips own Gaggia, why dilute your own market share when you can go after the market share of the biggest coffee machine brand in the world?

Vs DeLonghi machines, they offer very good value for money given the price tag vs the features, they're really aiming towards the De'Longhi Eletta, for the price tag similar to that of the Magnifica Evo.

My opinion of the 5400, is that it's very good for this price point.

Personally, I don't think it's quite the De'Longhi Eletta in terms of performance, but it'll come close enough for a lot of people, while saying you a good couple of hundred quid.

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