Normcore Spring Loaded Ripple Based Coffee Tamper (various sizes)


The Normcore calibrated tampers are among the better selling, mid priced calibrated tampers. For most people I'd say you don't really need to spend more than this, if you're looking for consistent & level tamping, which is really all we're looking for from a tamper.

You can get cheaper, of course, but whether a much cheaper calibrated tamper is actually going to work out better value, will depend on how long it lasts, and these are very well built tampers, made from high quality materials, Aluminium & Stainless Steel.

This is the rippled based un-coated version of the Normcore V4 spring loaded tampers. There's also a Titanium coated rippled base version, plus coated and un-coated flat base versions.

Do we really need titanium coatings on a stainless steel tamper base? I think not, personally, but each to their own ;-).

The rippled base tampers are all the rage at the moment, I think this is partly because there has been some rhetoric about them being better than smooth base tampers, and possibly more so because they look cool, and leave a pretty pattern in the puck, which, let's face it, is incredibly important ;-).

Features and Benefits:

• Spring loaded, calibrated tamper with three springs, 15,25,30lb
• 40mm Etzinger conical steel burrs
• Black Aluminium handle
• Rippled, stainless steel base
• Ensures consistent tamp force & level puck surface

Joking aside, I don't believe that rippled tampers make any difference to the espresso, and if they actually do, I think it's likely to be a very, very slight negative impact on the consistency of the extraction from shot to shot.

Let me just be clear though, unless you have the palate of a Q-grader, it's incredibly unlikely you're going to be able to tell the difference in the shot from tamping with a smooth based tamper vs rippled.

All I'm saying is that if there's any difference a rippled base will make, it would appear it's a very slight negative, looking at the results of tests that people far more clever than me, have done.

So if you want the rippled base because it looks cool, go for it, it's unlikely to make a big difference, but if you're not bothered either way, to me a smooth flat based tamper would appear to make the most sense.

The great thing about these tampers (and they're not the only tampers to have these features) is that they're self levelling, and calibrated.

Re self levelling, they have a levelling ring that hits the rim of the portafilter, and this keeps the shaft level as you tamp, so you can't really tamp anything but level. Well, you can, but you'd have to try quite hard. As long as the leveller ring is flat, it'll be a level tamp, so just ensure the ring is flat to the top of the portafilter before you push.

The fact that it comes with different springs is good too, you can leave it at the one that usually comes installed, 25lbs, about 11Kg, or if you need a lighter tamp (if you struggle with your joints or you have a tendency for RSI in your wrists as I do) you could just put the 15lb spring in. 

If you prefer a heavier tamp, just stick the 30lb spring in.

I don't think there's much to be gained from the slightly heavier tamp to be honest, to me around 10-12KG of force is more than enough, and any heavier than, you're really putting extra stress on your wrists and so on with little point, but the heavier spring is there if you prefer.

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