Kalita Wave Manual Coffee Maker


The Kalita Wave is probably the easiest and most accessible pourover dripper for easily producing cup after cup of clean, well extracted, chuggable filter coffee.

These days when coffee lovers hear “pourover” most will instantly think “V60”, as the Hario V60 is such a popular dripper, and while the V60 is undoubtedly one of the best options where cup quality potential is concerned, I don’t think it’s necessarily the best option for everyone.

Flat bottom multi-holed drippers control largely control the flow rate, so all you really need to focus on is brew ratio (coffee to water ratio) grind size, and brew temperature.

The Kalita Wave are a flat bottomed multi-holed brewer, they take the flat bottomed filter papers, and this means that you can just put your coffee in the filter, pour in your water - wait for it to filter, then enjoy.

This is how many people brew with V60, but it’s not how they’re made to be used. If you just put your coffee in the basket and then dump your water ontop and walk off, with V60, you’re missing a very important part of the V60 process, which is the pour.

Features and Benefits

• Simple to use
• Relatively hands off brewing
• Good range of sizes & materials
• Great balance of cup quality vs skill requirement

If you want to get great results with V60 then just study some of the many guides available online for V60 brewing, but if you don’t want to be timing your pour and you see this as a bit too faffy for you, Kalita Wave (or other flat bottomed brewers) are a great choice.

There are some new flat bottomed pourover drippers hitting the market that are quickly gaining a cult following, some of which you literally can't get hold of for "love nor money", and when you can get hold of, are quite expensive!

While there are some interesting designs coming out with bold claims about the resulting cup quality, given the fact that people are often using Kalita filters with these brewers, I do think the Kalita drippers are hard to beat, and they're relatively inexpensive, and virtually always available without being on a seemingly endless waiting list!

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