IMS Precision 18g filter basket (Sage Machines)


The IMS H24 is the 18g IMS competition filter basket for the Sage 54mm espresso machines, if you have the Sage Barista Pro, Barista Express or other 54mm Sage machine and you’re looking to upgrade the basket, this is one of the most obvious choices.

Upgrading your baskets from the stock basket to a “competition” filter basket, is a common upgrade with any espresso machine. One of the first things many seasoned home baristas will do when they upgrade their machine is to upgrade the baskets, or at least to try different baskets.

If you’re wanting to try upgrading your basket with your Sage 54mm espresso machine, then these are the 54mm baskets from IMS that are compatible with the 54mm machines, and this is the smaller basket, rated from 14-18g.

IMS do a few different sizes (meaning the dose size) that fit the Sage portafilters, this one, the H24 is the closest one in dose to the stock Sage baskets, rated at 14-18g. If you want a smaller volume, the H22 basket is 12-16g, and if you’re looking for bigger shots, the H26 is 17-20g, and the H28 is 18-22G.

Features and Benefits

• Compatible with sage 54mm portafilters
• Roughly the same dose as the stock baskets, around 18g
• Allows different results with the same coffee

If you want to use a bigger dose, then select the H28 version which will take up to 22g.

What these baskets will do is to enable you to work with a finer grind, which can be helpful with certain beans, particularly with lighter roasts.

It’s worth noting that the Sage stock baskets are actually very good, and there are many people who know their stuff, who rate the stock baskets as on parr with or even better (with Sage machines) than some competition baskets.

But the point is, if you use one of these baskets, you’ll be able to get “different” results with the same beans, whether different means better, completely depends on your palate, as taste is very much a subjective thing.

Overall, though, if you wanted to experiment with competition baskets, this is the most obvious one to suggest for the 54mm basket machines from Sage.

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