Gaggia MD15 Burr Coffee Grinder


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The Gaggia MD15 is one of the best sub £100 electric burr grinders on the market, suitable for most manual brew methods and pressured basket espresso out of the box, but capable of traditional basket espresso grinding with a simple burr shim.

If you’re looking for an electric grinder at under £100, there are a number of options which are all quite similar technically speaking.

The Gaggia MD15 is one of the best options at this kind of price point.

Features and Benefits

• 26 grind settings
• 38mm conical steel burrs
• On demand + 5 dose options (10 - 50 seconds)
• Dimensions of 14cm wide, 23 cm deep & 36cm tall (approx)

A brand name doesn’t necessarily translate into high quality components, and at this price point expectations should be relatively limited, but Gaggia are unlikely to slap their brand name onto a lump of rubbish & risk damaging the brand name for what I’d imagine is a very small profit per unit.

My experience of using this grinder backs this up. Don’t get me wrong, it is a low cost grinder so don’t expect something that feels and performs like a £300+ grinder, but it’s nicer to use, and quieter than a lot of the other £50-£100 grinders on the market.

The other great thing about it carrying the Gaggia name, is that your support will be from Gaggia Direct in the UK (as long as you buy from an authorised distributor, not a grey import).

These guys are a good old fashioned UK business with staff who help customers out directly. If you need support, you can jump on a zoom call with them and get one on one help, and if you do have a warranty issue, it’s Gaggia Direct (near Halifax) who deal with it.

Out of the box this isn’t a grinder for espresso using traditional baskets, however, it’s very simple to shim the burrs on this grinder.

All you do is remove the outer burr, undo the two screws which attach the burr to the holder, then put some thick paper or thin card in between the burr and the holder, and replace the screw. You'll have now put the burrs slightly closer together.

This doesn’t alter the size of the burr gap adjustment per click, it just takes the grinding range slightly finer.

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