Gaggia Magenta Plus Bean To Cup Coffee Machine


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The Gaggia Magenta Plus is one of Gaggiers new generation of bean to cup coffee machines, featuring a full colour display, pro steam wand and “memo” feature for saving changes to each coffee.

On the Magenta, the main difference vs more old school models such as the Brera and the Anima is the full colour display with on screen commentary and the memo feature for on-the-fly reprogramming.

So the Magenta is one of Gaggia's newer generation of bean to cup machines along with the Cadorna, which bring more modern features to the classic Gaggia bean to cup machines.

 Features and Benefits

• 1.8 L water tank
• Automatic pre-infusion
• Top filling water tank for uninterrupted coffee
• Grinder bypass chute for pre-ground coffee
• 5 dose options from 7-11g
• True double shot (two consecutive singles)
• Pro steam wand
• Max cup height of 15.5cm
• Max internal waste bin of 15 used pucks of coffee
• Memo button for on-the-fly coffee programming
• Folding espresso cup tray
• Compact size of 22cm wide, 44cm deep, 36 cm tall (approx)

With these newer machines the great thing is that they’ve brought new features to best features of the more old school range, so we still have true double shots, we still have full control over dose and volume, but we also have some newer technology.

These newer machines are really made to compete with the newer fancy looking machines with super user friendliness at their core, and I can see why they’re coming out with machines like this as if they didn’t they’d be left in the past by the competition.

The great news, however, for people who prefer good old fashioned buttons and dials, and who aren’t fussed about colour on screen guidance and so on, is that all of the more classic machines are still proudly being produced by Gaggia, so the choice is yours.

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