Gaggia Accademia Bean To Cup Coffee Machine (Copy)


The updated version of Gaggia's flagship bean to cup coffee machine, this is one of the best home bean to cup machines on the market. 

Not only is it one of the most feature packed of this kind of home coffee machine, it's also built to last, with the original Accademia having built a reputation over the years for being incredibly sturdy & reliable.

It's also unique in having both a pro steam wand, and a one touch milk carafe, enabling it to be used by a bigger range of users, and the espresso flow restriction and pre-infusion settings are also something you won't find on any other bean to cup machine for the home.

Features and Benefits

• 1.6 L water tank
• 0.6 L one touch milk carafe
• 19 one touch coffees
• Pro steam wand on ball joint
• Glass front for easy cleaning
• Full colour 5” touch screen interface
• 21 language options
• 4 programmable user profiles
• Real time coffee modifications
• Espresso flow control (3 settings)
• Preinfusion control (3 settings)
• Brew temp control (3 settings)
• Froth temp control (3 settings)
• Froth volume control (4 settings)
• Cup warmer with separate heating element (with auto on schedule)
• 5 dose options from 5 - 11 grams
• True double shot option (two singles in succession) when 2 cup is selected
• “Coffee boost” option adds a ristretto to any coffee when you need the extra caffeine!
• Red go faster stripe, make coffee taste better (95% of pet owners and dentists agree)
• Auto steam cleaning after each milk drink
• Hot water at three temp options
• Surprisingly small footprint of 28cm wide & 43cm deep, 39cm tall

This is one of the most capable, most high tech and most feature packed bean to cup coffee machines on the market.

And when I say "feature packed", I'm not talking about the bells and whistles that this would usually refer to on more expensive bean to cup machines, I mean actual practical features.

For example, having both  a pro steam wand and a one touch milk carafe, means that someone who wants a more vending machine type experience can literally just press one button and walk off with their cappuccino.

On the other hand, someone else who has home barista aspirations, can use the pro steam wand to create silky textured micro foam for attempting to pour latte art.

Also, the more experimental user can play around with the flow restriction and pre-infusion, focusing on getting the very best tasting espresso possible, while the more "normal" coffee drinker can just swipe the touch screen and select their drink.

The one let down of this machine, is that for such a high performing machine with such great capabilities, they gave it a bit of a piddly drip tray, so you'll have to empty that quite a bit more than you'll need re-fill the water tank.

I'll forgive this small detail, though, as overall it's one of the most capable home bean to cup machines on the market, and although it may seen pricey, knowing how durable & long lasting they can be, you'll probably find it's decent long term value for money.

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