Clever Dripper Manual Coffee Maker


The clever dripper is a pourover filter brewer with a big difference, that difference being that it’s also a full immersion brewer.
Immersion brewing means to keep the coffee in contact with the water. When you brew with a cafetiere for example, that’s a full immersion brewing method, when you’ve let the coffee brew, you separate the coffee from the coffee grounds by pouring it into your cup.
The clever dripper is a hybrid brewer, combining pourover filter brewing with full-immersion brewing, and the result is a very simple to use brewer for producing consistently great cups of coffee with little skill requirement.

Pourover brewing can produce some of the cleanest most enjoyable cups of coffee, but it usually comes at a cost, and that cost is often a lack of consistency until the user has really honed their skill, particularly so with V shaped brewers, V60 for example.

The Clever dripper, for me, just makes it so much easier to get consistently decent cups without the same requirement to get things right every time.

Features and Benefits

• Unique valve allows you to decide when to allow your coffee to filter
• BPA-free plastic
• Very forgiving process where skill is concerned
• Easy to clean
• Simple way to brew great cups of coffee

With the clever dripper, you allow the coffee to brew for as long as you want to, and then you engage the flow by placing the device on top of your cup or your server, at which point the coffee will then drip through the filter paper.

The only negative really is that you do have to remember to put the dripper on your cup, or it’ll just carry on brewing until you remember.

It’s easy to forget to put the brewer on your cup or server to start the flow, if you’re easily distracted like I am oh look a squirrel.

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