Baratza Vario W+ Burr Coffee Grinder


The Baratza Vario W+ is Baratza's all rounder grind by weight grinder. If you're looking for a grinder for espresso and filter or other manual brew methods, the Vario W+ is difficult to compete with, especially when it comes to grind by weight grinders.

It features the same high quality 54mm stainless steel Ditting burrs found in the Mahlkonig X54, the same metal burr chamber (upgraded from the original Vario), very low retention, a really impressive grinding range and a huge 220 grinding steps.

So this is an all rounder grinder, for all brew methods with one burr set, featuring real time grind by weight.  It's more or less the same grinder as the Forte' BG, but with a slower RPM (1350 vs 1950), slightly less grind settings, and without the touch screen, and with a less premium finish.

Features and Benefits:

54mm Ditting flat stainless steel burrs 
• Macro and micro adjustments - 220 grind settings
Front-mounted control panel with LED display
• Almost zero grinds retention

If you're wanting a really solid all-rounder grind by weight grinder, with very high quality flat burrs & solid build quality, the Vario W+ should definitely be on your short list.

It's worth keeping in mind that the W+ features the same stainless steel Ditting burrs found in the Mahlkonig X54, which are generally the preferred burrs (over the ceramic burrs) for filter.

The Vario+ come with the Ceramic Ditting burrs found in the Forte' AP, which would make this a better choice for someone who is mainly going to be using the grinder for espresso, for more classic espresso, and who may want to occaisonally grind for manual brew methods.

If you're someone who's more focussed on results with filter, and/or you're interested in more modern espresso, fruity/juicy espresso often using lighter roasts, then you'll probably appreciate the steel burrs more.

Whichever way you go, you can buy the other burr set as an add on if you like.

The Vario W+ isn't really all that much different from the Forte' BG, it has the same burrs, the same burr chamber, 220 adjustments vs 230, and it has buttons with a digital screen vs the touch screen on the Forte.

Great value for money, if you ask me!

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