Baratza Vario+ Burr Coffee Grinder


The Baratza Vario+ is Baratza's upgraded version of the very well known Vario, and this is an all rounder grinder that they re-released with some very impressive upgrades. 

A key upgrade for the Vario+ is the burr chamber. With the Vario+ (also with the Vario W+), you get the same metal burr chamber found in the Forte', which means solid burr alignment over much longer periods of use than was the case with the previous version that would need re-alignment after a while.

It comes with the same Ditting ceramic burr set as the Forte' AP, which favours espresso slightly over manual brew, and would be the preference for anyone who prefers classic espresso profiles.

So this is an all rounder grinder, for all brew methods with one burr set, featuring real time grind by weight, and favouring more classic espresso.

Features and Benefits:

54mm ceramic flat burrs 
• Macro and micro adjustments - 220 grind settings
Front-mounted control panel with LED display
• Almost zero grinds retention

The original Baratza Vario was often modded to make it more like the Forte', including swapping the burrs and swapping out the burr chamber.

The upgraded Vario+ comes with the metal brew chamber, so that doesn't need modding, and the + comes with the ceramic burrs from the Forte' AP, while the W+ comes with the stainless steel ditting burrs used in the Forte' BG.

If you're someone looking for a solid, very well priced (for a grind by weight) grinder that is capable of grinding for all brew methods, over a big grinding range, with a huge number of grinding steps, then this is a stonking grinder for this price.

The only thing to point out is that all though this is an all rounder, it really favours espresso over filter. If you're more focussed on espresso, then the + will be fine, especially if you prefer the classic chocolatey espresso, as these burrs are known for this kind of espresso.

If you're looking for a more filter focussed all rounder, and/or if you prefer more modern, juicy / fruity espresso profiles, you might be better suited to the W+, although you can buy the steel burrs as an addon if you prefer.

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