Baratza Encore ESP Burr Coffee Grinder


The Baratza Encore ESP is the updated espresso specialist version of the Baratza Encore, it has been designed to work with espresso machines using traditional baskets as well as the ability to be used with pressurized baskets and for manual brew methods.

It has a clever grind adjustment with the first 20 settings being much closer together so it enables the grind to go much finer for espresso. Baratza were able to make the thread steeper on the ESP in the 20-40 settings so the burr gap per click is much smaller, therefore you get finer grinds.

It comes with the standard hopper but you can also use the single doser attachment from Baratza which is a really useful kit to use. The ESP also has a dosing cup with a gasket so you can add or remove so it will work with 53/54mm portafilters and 58mm portafilters too, making this little grinder a very versatile piece of equipment. 

Features and Benefits:

• 40 grind settings
40mm M2 Etzinger stainless steel conical burrs
• Simple on/off switch & on-demand pulse button
• Small footprint: 13cm wide, 15cm deep, 34cm tall (approx)
• Hopper Capacity: 227g

Baratza (now owned by Sage/Breville) are one of the most established grinder brands on the market, they make some brilliant, very much tried and tested grinders.

Although the ESP is their newest grinder, it's looking very good, so far, and I think it's a great option for an espresso grinder at this price point.

This would be a grinder I'd have on my short list if I was wanting an espresso grinder at around the £200 price point, along with the Sage Smart Grinder Pro & Dose Control Pro.

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