Bakewell Tart Peru


Delicious single-origin coffee from the all-female Cafe Femenino co-operative. For all brew methods, but for ultra indulgence, enjoy as a milky while munching a Bakewell Tart!

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Origin: Single Origin. Peru

SCA Score: 84

Roast: Medium/Dark

Suitable for: All brew methods

Varietals: Caturra & La Criolla

Process: Washed

Literally, Bakewell Tart. Lingering notes of sweet frangipane, and berry acidity.

This is a remarkably tasty single origin grown by Union Proagro, members of the all-female Café Femenino co-operative.

This is a coffee that works really well for all brew methods, but the more intense you brew it, the stronger the frangipane notes become, and as a milky (flat white, cappuccino, latte) the sweetness of the milk or milk alternative really lifts it straight into Bakewell tart territory!

How It Tastes

Via pourover, Aeropress & cafetiere it's a very satisfying yet easy drinking coffee with subtle notes of frangipane, and you might catch some berry acidy, maybe a slight hint of chocolate.

As espresso, long black or Americano, for me the Bakewell tart flavour is unmistakable when properly dialled in, but it's a forgiving bean in that if you're not well dialled in it'll still usually taste pretty good, it just won't quite sing the sweet notes.

As a flat white or cortado (i.e. a more intense milky) for me this is an amazing coffee, the espresso cuts through but is sweetened by the milk, for some really stunning milkies!

Union Proagro - Café Femenino

This coffee is produced by female farmers of Union Proagro across the Caranavi valley in La Paz, Bolivia.

Cafe Femenino was founded in 2004 by just under five hundred female coffee producers on a mission to empower previously marginalized female coffee farmers in Peru, and now involves thousands of woman coffee producers in several countries!

Union Proagro formed in 1997, and is made up of 300 members/families from 10 rural communities.

In 2009, a group of female farmers created a woman's association, separated their production from the male farmers, and joined the Café Femenino program. There are currently 42 female producers who farm 88 hectares within the Caranavi region.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jean S.
Love this coffee

Really love this coffee - as a newbie to home barista-ing initially struggled to dial in, but with help from Kev now get perfect cuppa every time.

Loved the flavour

Definitely worth a try if you want something a little bit different but not too unusual. There is a hint of Bakewell tart taste - it's well named!

Tatyana A.
Pretty doubt

I love it for my favourite flat white cup of coffee
Sweetness really comes through..what is exactly for me and my taste 😋
Thanks again for amazing coffee happy to be your costumer
No any problems any more with good choices for very good coffee beans 😋

Mark G.
Could not get dialled in

Had other beans from here and were nice but this ones seemed impossible to dial in. Have sage barista touch impress but they did not seem to work well with it

Sorry to hear you could't dial in Mark. If you'd have emailed us I'd have been very happy to help you to dial in. If you have any more of the bag left please feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to help, you should be able to dial in well with these via the touch impress. Ta, Kev.


My expresso machine wasn't flexible enough for these beans (needed higher temperature). In the end ran it through at 3:1 and quite fast. Lost body but better suited my palette. Given it 5 stars as my equipment restricted its flavour.

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