BAGAIL Digital Coffee Scale with Timer


This is a fairly decent set of brew scales, for the money. If you're just looking for the best you're going to get for under £30, you're probably not going to go far wrong here. 

Yes the blurb makes it sound like the best set of brew scales ever created, you can take most of that with a pinch of salt, I think some of these product description writers are fiction authors in their spare time, or the other way around. 

But regardless of that, these scales will do what most home baristas will need from a set of scales, so you really don't need to spend more than this, unless you want to.

If you're just looking for a set of rechargeable set of scales with a timer and an auto timer option, and you're not interested in spending more for features you may never need, these will probably fit the bill.

Features and Benefits: 

• 0.3 to 3000g measuring range
• 0.1g weight increments 
• ABS plastic body
• USBC rechargeable
• ‎Size: 3cm tall, 13cm wide, 17cm deep
‎• Measurements: Grams, ml, oz, lb, lb:oz, fluid oz,

These aren't a small set of scales, they're 30mm tall and have a 17x13cm foot print, so you'll need to measure the drip tray space of your machine if you're using for espresso, and the space you have free under the portafilter.

They don't have a huge battery either, 300mAh, so you'll probably find they need charging more frequently than some of the scales costing from £40 or £50 upwards. 

But they're fairly cheap, they're about as fast and as accurate enough as most home baristas will need, they'll do the job & they appear to be fairly sturdy.

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