Toffee & Caramel Half Caffeine


A lovely smooth & sweet coffee to enjoy later into the day without the same concern about overloading with caffeine.

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Origin: Nicaragua & Peru

SCA Score: 83 & 86

Roast: Blend of light & dark

Suitable for: All manual brew methods

Varietal: Yellow & Red Catuai, Bourbon

Process: Washed

Smooth toffee and caramel , with a soft buttery mouthfeel.

So it's 3pm, and you fancy a coffee - but you know if you have another coffee now, you'll probably struggle to get to sleep later on, or you may sleep lighter once you do get to the land of nod, and you'll wake up feeling jet lagged.

Do you reach for the decaf?

You certainly could, decaf doesn't have to taste like dirt (despite the fact that it was just ground, ha, the old ones are the best) and our milk chocolate & caramel Swiss Water decaf is one of the best-selling coffees in the range, in fact, most weeks it's the second best seller, only being beaten by chocolate brownie blend.

But what if you don't want decaf, why shouldn't you be able to choose a coffee bean which simply contains less caffeine? Well, now you can :-).

So this is a half-caffeine blend made with two high quality single origins, one of which is the aforementioned milk chocolate & caramel decaf and the other is the Custard Cream Nicaragua.

How it Tastes

Yes we may be talking about 50% of the caffeine, but with 100% of the flavour, and this one is sweet toffee and caramel with a smooth buttery mouthfeel, which reminds me mostly of a very well-known sweet which rhymes with Swervers original ;-).

This one is best with manual brew methods, it’s such an enjoyable, easy drinking yet satisfying coffee as pourover, Aeropress and cafeteire.

There’s really nothing “in your face” about this coffee, the most obvious word that springs to mind is “smooth”, and this relates to the taste and the mouthfeel.

Alto Mayo Co-op & La Bastilla Farm

La Bastilla coffee farm is located around 20 kilometers from Jinotega, in the stunning tropical paradise of the Cerro Datanli El Diablo Nature Reserve, an extremely important biodiverse protected habitat.

La Bastilla became Rainforest Alliance certified in 2003 and maintains an ongoing program for continuous improvement.

The Alto Mayo Co-op was co-founded in 2012 by a group of 15 young coffee producers in the Alto Mayo protected rainforest in the Andes Mountains in northern Peru, which has since grown to include around a thousand families in 45 production areas.

The goal of the Co-op was to sensitively develop non-invasive coffee production practices in order to sustainably produce the incredible quality coffee that the unique conditions of this area provide, while also preserving the local ecosystem by preventing the destructive farming practices that have lead to massive deforestation in other important rainforests.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mr I.F.
Toffee & caramel half caffeine

I have just begun using Coffeeworks. The half-caffeine is excellent, and the freshly roasted beans, with their flavour and aroma, taste great.

Christopher R.
Great coffee

Really enjoy this coffee, the grind and the pour are really consistent and easily dialled in, taste is very reliable and only half the caffeine

Ned B.

Toffee & Caramel Half Caffeine

Tatyana A.
Good as usual 👌

I'm here a new costumer
But l am really happy 😊 l finally found coffee what is really really good 👍
What ever kind of coffee l already bought there is no doubt taste is fantastic and beans is fresh roast and very well packed 😋
Would like to try caffeine free..and sure l will like it as much as l like another any kind already
Thanks again for amazing coffee and great service 😀

silvia K.
Excellent for an espresso without a full punch

I've had to cut back on caffeine in the morning (unfortunately) and have been using this blend for about four months. It's good enough that I barely miss my fully caffeinated favorite from Coffeeworks. I use this in my Sage Express Impress and it makes an excellent espresso, with a nice crema, in spite of the fact that it's listed as best with manual coffee makers. I get a smooth and still nicely complex espresso.

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