Dark Chocolate Sumatra Mandheling


A rich, dark coffee with a creamy mouthfeel, characteristically Sumatra Mandheling, great for espresso, cafetiere, filter machines & standard method Aeropress.

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Origin: Sumatra

Varietal: Ateng. Bourbon. Tim-tim

SCA Score: 84

Roast: Dark

Suitable for: All brew methods

Process: Galling Basah (semi-washed)

Certifications: Organic. Fairtrade

A classic Sumatran Mandheling coffee. Dark chocolate, along with the deep and rich complexity you would expect in a Sumatra Manhandling, and a thick, creamy body.

Here’s a bit of speciality coffee history trivia for you, if it wasn’t for a serendipitous encounter with Sumatra Mandheling, there may not actually be such a thing right now as speciality coffee!

The godmother of speciality coffee, Erna Knutson, bumped into the son of a coffee importer who had a sample of this very special coffee bean that was intended for another trader, she convinced him to come in and cup it, and that lead to her practically singlehandedly forging what became speciality coffee.

This is a fantastic example of a high quality Sumatra Mandheling, from the Permata Gayo cooperative in the Gayo Highlands region of central Aceh in Sumatra, where over two thousand smallholders work together to produce this incredible coffee which is grown at an altitude of 1200-1600m.

How it Tastes

If you’re looking for a particularly deep and bold coffee with a real punch, smokiness & dark chocolate notes and a deliciously creamy body, then this is for you!

This isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s not one that I’d expect pourover enthusiasts to go for, but if you like a bold pot of filter coffee, cafetiere, stove top or espresso, and you like dark chocolate and smoky notes, you might just love this.

One of the reasons Indonesian coffee has such a characteristic flavour, is the unique ‘Galling-Basah’ processing method, in which the beans are fried to three different humidity levels as they make their way down the mountain. If you’ve not tried a Sumatran before, this would be a great one to start with.

The Permata Gayo cooperative

The Permata Gayo cooperative is located in the Gayo Highlands region of central Aceh in Sumatra, and consists of around two thousand smallholders working together to produce this incredible coffee which is grown at an altitude of 1200-1600m.

Founded in 2006 by a group of around fifty farmers from the Bener Meriah district of the Aceh Province, the Permata Gayo cooperative has significantly increased its numbers in a relatively short period, and have achieved both organid and fair trade certification.

They’ve also worked to continually improve production processes, sustainability and traceability from region to roaster, while also achieving better profitability and fairer distribution of profits with the farmers.

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Customer Reviews

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Tatyana A.

Dark Chocolate Sumatra Mandheling

Chidiebere. N.
Chocolate Sumatra Mandheling

Full bodied and beautifully balanced, this was easy to dial in and is definitely now on of my favourites.


Superb as usual. Coffee Kev is a god when it comes to coffee advice.

Paul J.
Excellent service

Fairly new to freshly roasted beans but this is the best I’ve tried so far and superb service by Coffeeworks.


Worth every penny...
We have it on repeat subscription

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