Bundle Deal Choc Brownie + Milk Choc & Caramel Decaf


Our best selling full caffeine paired with one of the best decafs on the planet! Drink MEGA coffee all day without the insomnia.

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Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate - and Caramel.

This is a bundle deal for two of our best sellers, one of which happens to be a decaf.

Chocolate brownie blend is our no1 best seller, a huge crowd pleaser that just never gets old - I drink this stuff all day, it’s mega, and I wasn’t surprised when it became the no1 best seller within a few weeks of launch.

What did surprise me, though, was when (not long after adding it to the range) our chocolate & caramel single origin Decaf quickly became one of the best sellers in the range!

This didn’t surprise me in terms of taste, it tastes ridiculously good, but I’d never expect a decaf to be in the top 5, as most people buying speciality coffee beans are looking for full caffeine.

This hit the top 5 very quickly, and is usually the no3 best seller, in fact sometimes it knocks classic italian blend out of no2 position!

So if you’re looking for a couple of stonkers, one full caffeine and one decaf (99.9% caffeine removed, Swiss water processed) while saving money at the same time, here you go :-).

Chocolate Brownies for Breakfast, Chocolate & Caramel for Supper!

If you want to enjoy delightfully chocolatey coffee not just in the morning, but later into the day too, or after an evening meal for example, this bundle is for you!

Wake up with chocolate brownie blend, a bold, luxuriously chocolatey coffee which is great as Americano, or filter, cafetiere, Aeropress or via filter coffee machine - and is the perfect base for milkies.

Once you’ve had your caffeine for the day, you can continue to enjoy incredible tasting coffee with chocolate & caramel notes, with 99.9% of the caffeine removed via the Swiss Water decaffeination process.

Single Origin Honduras + Brazil Ethiopia India.

Chocolate brownie blend is a carefully blended & roasted selection of Brazilian and Ethiopian Arabica & Indian cherry Robusta.

Chocolate & Caramel Decaf Peru is produced by smallholder farmers (mainly family-owned small farms) in the Alto Mayo Co-op in the Alto Mayo protected rainforest in the Andes Mountains in northern Peru.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Garry ..
Great tasting coffee

Been watching your YouTube channel and thought I would give your freshly roasted coffee beans a try, l’m glad I did because the coffee tastes really good and at a very competitive price. Will continue using your beans.

David P.
Bundle Deal Choc Brownie + Milk Choc & Caramel Decaf?

Love the decaf but after several purchases of the Choc Brownie still unable to get the taste right (rather bland with little "bite". Am now using a grind setting of 50 on the SAGE grinder and the GOLD setting on the brewer but not happy with the result for filtered coffee. Anyone any ideas?

Lovely complex flavours

Really nice coffee. The choc brownie has lovely smooth complex flavours - great if you don’t like bitter coffee. The decaf is also amazing, rich and tasty and you would never know its decaf !

David r.
Great coffee

I bought these to try out, and have been smiling ever since - truly lovely coffee which I will be buying again!

Tash M.
Amazing coffee

Best coffee beans around!

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