Classic Italian Espresso Blend


A classic Italian espresso flavour profile achieved without a super dark roast, so it's bean to cup coffee machine friendly, and it's delicious.

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Origin: Secret

Roast: Medium dark

Suitable for: Espresso, Filter, Cafetiere, Sage Coffee machines, Aeropress (espresso-style, standard non-inverted method)

Varietals: Secret (Arabica & Robusta blend).

Process: Natural

Classic Italian espresso, strong and satisfying with notes of dark chocolate, praline and caramel.

Bean to cup espresso machine users are often disappointed to discover that dark roasted beans aren't recommended for their machines, simply because their oils tend to lead to clogged burrs, which is an issue with most bean to cup coffee machines as they don't usually have removable burrs.

Fear not, if you love classic Italian espresso blends and you have a bean to cup coffee machine, these beans deliver the classic profile you'll love, without the potential damage to your machine.

How it Tastes

This is a classic satisfyingly traditional Italian espresso profile, punchy with dark chocolate, praline and caramel notes, and you can enjoy this coffee without worrying about clogging up your burrs, which is a big positive for bean to cup coffee machine users.

These beans aren't only great for bean to cup coffee machine users, of course, they'll work with all espresso machines paired with stand alone grinders, and integrated grinder espresso machines - and this is also a great blend for stove top & cafetiere.

Classic Arabica and Robusta Blend

This is a great example of the art of coffee blending, and goes to show that you don't necessarily have to use roast level to produce punchiness and intensity.

It's a blend of high quality Arabica and Robusta beans, which is the standard for Italian espresso blends, but the mix of the beans used leads to the satisfying punch, without having to roast quite to the same classic Italian dark roast profile.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Eleanor, G.
Italian espresso

Nice coffee but I find this a little weak with not much crema, I’m sure this is just a dialling in issue but I’m not getting the full Italian coffee I was expecting.

Great-tasting espresso.

A reasonably-priced and good quality espresso bean. Very fresh and quickly delivered. Thank you.

Neil B.
Nice coffee great service

Nice coffee took me a while to dial in and get tasting the best but that’s on me, I will definitely purchase again.

Ian R.
Coffee mmmmmm

Luvly coffee great taste knocks spots off the shop bought stuff. Will defo re-order again.

Paul T.
Excellent smooth coffee

An excellent choice for cappuccino

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