Bundle Deal Chocolate Brownie Blend + Classic Espresso Blend


This is a money saving bundle deal on two of our best selling blends.

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Two bold, punchy & tasty blends.

Make a saving on some amazing coffee beans, when you buy two of the best-selling blends together.

This bundle contains 1 x bag of Chocolate Brownie Blend and 1 x bag of Classic Espresso Blend. Choose your bag size of either 250g or 1kg.

Buying the bundle offers a saving of more than 10% compared to buying them separately and if you use code COFFEEBOTHERERS in the checkout you'll get an EXTRA 10% off that making this tremendous value for money.

Double The Joy!

These are our two best sellers, so this is a great way to sample our two biggest sellers while saving some money at the same time.

The Classic Italian blend is very much a classic Italian blend, hence the name, and delivers punchy dark chocolate notes, plus praline and caramel.

Chocolate Brownie blend is also punchy and bold, but more luxurious chocolate notes, and for me, this makes the perfect flat white!

Multiple Origins Including Brazil Ethiopia & India

The beans for these two blends come from multiple producers across a number of origins.

Chocolate Browny blend is a blend of Arabica from Brazil and Ethiopia, and Indian cherry Robusta.

Classic Italian blend is also a blend of Arabica and Robusta and achieves a similar level of intensity and punch that darker roast blend deliver, but at a slightly lighter roast profile so it's not an oily dark roast, meaning it's suitable for bean to cup espresso machines.

These are both great espresso blends, they'll work well for bean to cup coffee machines and stand alone espresso machine and grinder setups.

They're both also great for cafetiere, standard (non-inverted, "instructions method") Aeropress, stove top & filter coffee machine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Neil H.
Great all-rounder

As a novice home barista I wanted a reliable, versatile all-rounder in the cupboard that works for shorts, longs, milkies for me and also for anyone else I'm making for so I don't have to swap in and out and dial-in over and over. Five months in and many beans later the Chocolate Brownie Blend is way ahead of anything else I've used and never fails to be appreciated, despite the limited skill set of this particular coffee botherer. It can do no wrong.

Steven H.
Delicious coffee

Tried the Bundle Deal Chocolate Brownie Blend + Classic Espresso Blend, both fine coffees I would recommend, looking forward to trying more in the future

Jack J.
One for me and one for the Wife!

Chocolate brownie blend for me and classic espresso for the wife. Classic Espresso it a bit dark and bitter for me, it's my wife's favourite so far. But that is just preference nothing actually wrong with it. The chocolate brownie is a great everyday coffee.

Phil F.
Great Espresso!

The Classic Italian Espresso Blend is superb - easy to dial in and a great rich, strong flavour- the best Italian espresso I’ve found.

Definitely delicious

Having tried the Classic Espresso blend beans which are definitely delicious, I’m looking to tasting the Chocolate Brownie blend too. I can highly recommend not only Coffeeworks products but also their customer service which has been both efficient and friendly.

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