Fancy a tenner off your next order? Just refer a friend, they'll get a £10 voucher & so will you. We gain a new customer, everyone's a winner :-).

Refer as many friends as you like!

If you're active on social media, or are involved in a Facebook group etc., feel free to refer as many people as you can. For each referral you'll get a £10 voucher, each to be used on a separate order.

Refer Friends Now

Please note: This is for genuine referrals of new customers. Self referrals (referring other customers at the same address, partner, kids, dog...) do not qualify.

The system automatically does fraud checks to prevent self referrals, anyone putting through self referrals will be automatically disqualified from the referral scheme going forwards. 

Genuine referrals, though, bring them on, and we'll happily give you a £10 voucher for every one! :-)