Sage Smart Grinder Pro Burr Coffee Grinder


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The Sage Smart Grinder Pro is one of the best-selling electric burr grinders in the UK, it's basically the perfect "all rounder" coffee grinder for people who're not fixed purely to one brew method.

So here we have the super popular Sage Smart Grinder Pro, which I think is the best selling electric burr grinder in the UK, possibly in the world (although it sells outside of Europe under the Breville brand).

Features and Benefits 

• 60 grind settings encompassing most brew methods from espresso to cafetiere
• 40mm Etzinger conical steel burrs
• "Dosing IQ" precise programmable dosing
• Grinds container + portafilter cradles (51 - 58mm)
• Locking quick-release hopper allows easy bean switching.
• Grinding pause to allow mid-grind distribution
• Backlit super user-friendly LCD screen
• Small footprint: 21cm deep, 15cm deep & 37cm tall (approx)

If you're looking for a grinder for multiple brew methods, then you'll need an all rounder, as opposed to a specialist grinder. This is what the Smart grinder pro is designed for, and it handles this better than most other options.

One of the big differences between the Smart Grinder Pro and the majority of similarly priced and slightly cheaper options, is that it's a multi-purpose grinder that can actually grind for espresso with standard baskets.

There are many sub £200 grinders that offer a slight saving vs the SGP which promise the same ability to grind for all brew methods from espresso to cafetiere, but in most of these cases "espresso" means espresso machines using dual walled (pressurized) baskets, and not traditional espresso baskets.

Many people do actually choose the SGP specifically for espresso with no interest in grinding for other methods, because although this isn't an espresso specialist, it's one of very few grinders within a similar price point that will grind for espresso.

Being a Sage machine, it'll fit right into any modern kitchen, it's very user-friendly and simple to use, and it's one of the quietest burr grinders on the market.

Just be aware that this isn't a grinder intended for light roasts, particularly for espresso.

If you're looking for a grinder that will grind lighter roasts fine enough for espresso, I would recommend going for a more substantial (and more expensive) grinder.

The Smart Grinder Pro has a safety feature to prevent damage, in the form of a clutch that will engage when a certain amount of torque is reached.

The good news about that is that it'll prevent damage from being done to your grinder if anything ends up in the hopper that shouldn't be in there. The not so good news is that some light roasts will require a similar level of torque to this limit to grind finely, in which case this safety feature may kick in.

Overall I find the Smart Grinder pro is the best option for many people, especially for people who're not fixed to one brew method, and it's a great option for most beginner home baristas who're looking for an inexpensive option which will work for espresso with standard baskets.

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