Rhino Stealth Coffee Scales


These are among my favourite reasonably priced brew scales for espresso.

Made for professional baristas, they're very well-built & durable. They're responsive, accurate, low profile, easy to use, and rechargeable (USB-C). They come with a portafilter plate, and they're affordable, you can't really ask for much more than this.

  • Max Capacity: Approx 2kg
  • Accuracy: 0.1g
  • Platform Size: 86mm x 104mm
  • Height: 2.4cm
  • Display: Backlit LCD
  • Power: USB-C rechargeable battery
  • Timer?: Yes
  • Auto Mode: No

Rhino is a brand made for pro baristas, and most of their gear tends to be really well thought out, and really good value for money, and this is true of the Rhino Stealth scales, for sure. 

They've not broken any design moulds with these scales, they look like brew scales, but because they've not put all their attention on aesthetics, what they've ended up creating is just a really easy to use set of scales that you really don't have to think about. 

They're not fiddly, there's no messing about with multiple button presses of the same button because any more than two buttons would have messed up the way they looked ;-), meaning that you actually have a "time" button for the time, a tare button, an on off button and a mode button, which makes them really easy to use. 

They're more than accurate enough at 0.1g, they're nice and quick when it comes to the response rate, so you don't have to stop the shot and then wait a couple of seconds for the scales to catch up and display the weight, which does happen with some cheaper scales. 

They're properly water resistant, and by this I mean they've been tested and awarded the IP65 rating, which means it's capable of withstanding water and steam from all directions. 

They're USB-C rechargeable, the backlit screen is easy to read, and they come with a portafilter plate, included in the already impressive price. 

The Acaia Lunar for example, at the price that is, doesn't come with a portafilter plate, so if you want to use that for weighing your dose, you have to buy one separately.

There's no app for these scales, so they're not for high level geekery, but for normal espresso use, home barista or pro barista, I highly rate these scales.


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