Picopresso Manual Coffee Maker


The Picopresso is one of the best selling portable manual espresso makers on the market, featuring a traditional, 18 gram double basket, making true espresso on the go not just possible, but relatively easy!

I’ve used a few manual espresso makers, including the Rok, Flair & 9barista, and to be completely honest, the ones that have standard baskets (as do the three previously mentioned) I think the potential for decent espresso is actually very similar.

Where the Picopresso differs from most standard basket manual espresso makers - manual here meaning there’s no plug, so I’m not including the LaPavoni Europicola here - is its amazing portability and relative simplicity.

Where portability goes, I think Wacaco nailed it.

It comes in a really nice zipper case that is shaped to fit the picopresso, so there’s no additional space taken up, and all of the bits neatly store inside the picopresso and inside the case.

Features and Benefits

• Ultra-compact portable design
• Proper traditional espresso basket (not pressurised)
• All the gubbins store neatly inside the picopresso after use, and inside the neat case
• Very easy to clean, and extremely low maintenance.

Where ease of use is concerned, personally I just don’t think you’re ever going to get away from the difficulty that non-electric espresso makers pose when it comes to achieving a consistent brew temperature.

However, in this regard I’ve found the picopresso to be simple, yet just slightly demanding on the users ability for rapid workflow.
As long as you properly pre-heat the unit and act quickly enough with your workflow so as to not let it cool down too much, and as long as you do this at a similar pace each time, in similar ambient temperatures, then you should have relatively consistent results.

Just be aware though, that just as with any other non-electric espresso maker, the heat of the basket and the rest of the unit when you pour the water into the basket will make a big difference to the shot.

So if you’re really quick with your prep with the first shot, and you take your time on the second shot, expect different results in the cup. Similar is true with the conditions, if the first shot is in your kitchen, and the second is at Mount Everest base camp, expect different results in the cup.

Overall I think the Picopresso is one of the best options for people who’re looking for true espresso on the go, particularly for people who like to travel light. Great gift idea for coffee lovers, too, as the unboxing experience is really something!


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