This is a low cost yet well-designed and durable knockbox, for anyone looking for a decent yet inexpensive option.

As with most espresso related accessories, you can spend just about as little or as much as you like on a knockbox. If you’re someone who just wants to invest what they need to for a tool that does the job, this is probably the one for you.

The rubber base means it doesn’t slide all over the place while you’re clobbering it with the portafilter, and it reduces the overall volume slightly too.

The rubber bar does quite a good job in that regard too, and it does sometimes come out of the holes and have to be put back in - but the same is true for most similarly priced options.

The one knockbox that I think is perfect in this regard (the rubber bar not bouncing or slipping out) is the Sage Knockbox, it has a locking mechanism for the knockout bar, very clever as you’d expect from Sage, but also quite a bit more cash.

Features and Benefits

• Small footprint of 12cm across, 12.5cm tall
• Rubber bar, won’t damage your portafilter
• Bar is very easy to remove to clean
• Non-slip base slightly reduces overall volume
• Decent capacity for such a small knockbox

Overall I think if you’re looking for a small, robust & cheap knockout box that will do the job and won’t cost the earth, this is one of the best options.

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