Gaggia Accademia Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

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The new Gaggia Accademia is the updated version of the original flagship bean to cup coffee machine from Gaggia, a real workhorse of a bean to cup machine with advanced features and drinks options.

What’s really impressive about this machine is that they’ve given it features that make a difference to the cup quality.
On the espresso side of things there are features such as flow rate control, preinfusion control, brew temp control & dose control which give the user far more control over espresso than you’d usually expect from bean to cup coffee machines.

Features and Benefits

• 1.6 L water tank
• 0.6 L one touch milk carafe
• 19 one touch coffees
• Pro steam wand on ball joint
• Real glass front for easy cleaning
• Full colour 5” touch screen interface
• 21 language options
• 4 fully customizable profiles
• On the fly coffee modifications
• Flow rate control (3 settings)
• Preinfusion control (3 settings)
• Brew temp control (3 settings)
• Froth temp control (3 settings)
• Froth volume control (4 settings)
• Cup warmer with separate heating element (with auto on schedule)
• 5 dose options from 5 - 11 grams
• True double shot option (two singles in succession) when 2 cup is selected
• “Coffee boost” option adds a ristretto to any coffee when you need the extra caffeine!
• Red go faster stripe, make coffee taste better (95% of pet owners and dentists agree)
• Auto steam cleaning after each milk drink
• Hot water at three temp options
• Surprisingly small footprint of 28cm wide & 43cm deep, 39cm tall

As you can see from the huge list above, this is a feature packed bean to cup coffee machine from Gaggia, and it’s their updated version of their flagship fully automatic machine.

These are real workhorse machines, well, the original version was, and I’m told that there’s been no major internal developments that should change that.

Although I wouldn’t recommend any home bean to cup machine in a busy office, many of the original Accademia was used in the kitchens of busy small businesses, and there are reports of some machines that produced literally tens of thousands of coffees before they needed a service.

My only negative comment about the new Accademia is that I feel they should have given it a bigger drip tray.

The drip tray space has been partly taken up to give the internal waste bin more space, so it has an impressive-sounding 16 max coffees before you have to empty it.

But the drip tray and waste bin are together, so the small drip tray needing emptying every 5-6 coffees as a result makes the bigger waste bin fairly pointless. I feel like they should have split the difference and given a bit more space for the drip tray.

I’m told there will be a drip tray bypass stand available soon which will increase the drip tray size.
I do think this is a great option for busier homes, and small offices.

The huge number of one touch options is very impressive, and it includes some slightly off-the-beaten-track coffees including Melange (Vienese café au lait ), macchiatone (a more milky macchiato) & café au lait (milky coffee).
When it comes to milk, there’s a proper pro steam wand, which does a great job of properly texturing milk.

As a result, someone who doesn’t just want to press a button for a vending machine type experience on their morning break for example, can put in a little bit more effort to result in a coffee that will better please their developed palate.

Where the more “normal” coffee drinker is concerned, though, there is still a lot more control over each coffee than is normal, and generally speaking I think most people are going to be fairly impressed with the one touch drinks this machine will provide.

It’s really straightforward to use, it self cleans with a “steam hygiene” steam purge of the one touch milk system after each milk drink, it’s fairly quick for a bean to cup machine, the four profiles are potentially very helpful, as is the ability to modify drinks on the fly.

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