The milk frothing thermometer fro Rhino, is metal probe thermometer specifically designed for steaming milk, to ensure the perfect temperature every time.

  • Easy read milk temp guide
  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Easy to recalibrate
  • Stong & adjustable pitcher clip

Rhino is a brand that focuses on pro baristas first, so you always know when you're choosing a Rhino product as a home barista, that you're investing in gear that is made to perform well and to last. 

They've created this clip-on milk jug thermometer to be faster and more accurate than the majority of similarly priced or cheaper pitcher thermometers on the market, and the very easy to read green and red temp zones make it really easy to see what temperature you're steaming your milk to.

The clip is made to be durable, as it's a part known for failing on cheaper jug thermometers, and it's easy to adjust.

It's easy to calibrate this thermometer too if you suspect you're not getting true readings, you'll just require a 13mm spanner in order to do that.

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