IKAPE V1 Coffee Scale-Mini


The IKAPE V1 mini scales are one of the smallest sets of brew scales on the market. They have a very similar footprint to the teeny weeny (size, not so much price...) Acaia Lunar.

They're smaller in footprint vs the IKAPE V2 scales, but the same height, and have the same feature set but the V2 are mainly Aluminium, while the V1 mini are mainly plastic.

If you're looking for a particularly small set of brew scales, either for portability, or for fitting on a small drip tray, the IKAPE V1 mini are probably about the smallest you'll get at this price point.

They're about the same footprint as the Acaia Lunar, just a few mm taller.

Features and Benefits:

0.3 to 2000g measuring range
• Size: 1.9cm tall, 9cm wide, 9.5cm deep
0.1g weight increments 
USBC rechargeable
‎Three use modes
• Physical on/off switch
• Silent mode

IKAPE make some pretty decent scales for the money, they're mainly about the same when it comes to performance and features.

The V2 are aluminium vs plastic, and the V1 mini are smaller than the V1.

They're more than accurate enough, but to be honest just about any brew scales are, even the much cheaper ones. 

What they do have, that a lot of the £20 or so cheaper scales don't, is a fast refresh rate, meaning a lack of delay, when you stop pouring or the shot stops, you don't have to wait half a second or so for the scales to catch up, which is a bit of a pain.

They also have an on/off button which not all scales have, and I prefer, and they have an auto timer mode for espresso, and a pourover mode, and it's easy to turn the beeping off.

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