IKAPE Gravity Coffee Distributor, Black. (Various Sizes)


The gravity distributor from Ikape is not just a distribution tool, it's a gravity distribution tool.

Thanks to Isaac Newton's amazing invention which solved all of the issues you can imagine occurred before the existence of this important phenomena we now all take for granted, the Ikape distributor uses gravity, meaning that it automatically levels the surface it comes into contact with. It also looks cool.

Anyway, this is a four spoked distribution tool which finds the level of the coffee in the basket with gravity, not a lot to say about it, which why I'm waffling about Isaac Newton.

Features and Benefits:

• Four spoked distribution tool
304 stainless steel spokes
Aluminium outer
‎Size: Available for portafilter sizes 49, 51, 54 & 58mm
• Gravity levelling

    The idea of gravity fed distribution tools is that they'll automatically find the level, rather than using a fixed depth, which removes the trial and error involved in finding the right level using a fixed depth tool.

    So, yeah, there you go, this is a gravity fed distribution tool available in black or silver, for 49, 51, 54 & 58mm portafilters.

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