IKAPE Espresso V3 Calibrated Tamper (Various Sizes)


The IKAPE V3 calibrated tamper is a 30 lb (approx. 14 Kg) calibrated tamper with a self levelling ring, which means that it will deliver the same tamp pressure every time, along with a perfectly level tamp, which is all you really need from a tamper.

The handle is Aluminium Alloy, the base is stainless steel, and it's available in black and silver.

It has a rippled bottom, but we'll forgive it for that ;-). Personally I think flat bottomed tampers make more sense, but I can't deny the rippled pattern in the puck looks pretty, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure it makes no difference at all to the shot.

In theory, there's a slight negative of rippled vs flat, in that a tiny amount of the ground coffee sometimes gets stuck in the grooves. The difference this is actually going to make to your shot, though, probably zero unless you have the palate of a Q grader.

Features and Benefits: 

• Calibrated to 30lb of pressure  
• Self levelling ring ensures a level surface  
• Sizes: 51mm/53.3mm/58.5mm

There are a wide range of tampers on the market, I think most people will find that something like this is perfect.

A consistent tamp pressure and a self leveller (which uses the rim of the basket to ensure a level tamp), just ensures that tamping is locked in as one of the variables, so it's not something that is changing from shot to shot.

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