Espro Flat Calibrated Click Tamper, 58.35mm


The Espro click tamper is a calibrated tamper, factory calibrated to deliver 30lbs of pressure, for consistent tamping pressure. 

This is one of the premium calibrated tampers, and it's clearly a very well built and very precisely calibrated tamper, as it should be for the price. Do you need a tamper of this kind of value for home espresso, probably not, but if you want a very good, high end calibrated tamper, this is one of the options.

So this is factory calibrated tamper that gives a reassuring click when you tamp, to tell you that 30lbs of pressure has been applied.

Features and Benefits:

• Precisely factory calibrated to 30lb of pressure
Definate click when tamp is complete
• Flat, stainless steel base
• 58.35mm tamper, for tamping right up to the edges of the basket (57mm also available) • Anodized Aluminium Handle

Personally, if I was going to invest in a premium calibrated tamper, I'd invest in one with a leveller ring, so that it eliminates the even more prevalent tamping issue, an un-level tamp.

The Espro tamper will deliver a very consistent tamp pressure, but it won't help you much when it comes to ensuring you're tamping completely level. If you want that, you'll need a tamper with a levelling ring that makes contact with the top of the basket to keep the tamp completely level.

If you're happy to work on developing your technique to ensure a level tamp, however, then this is a very high quality, precise calibrated tamper.

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